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Welcome to the Combat Arms Wiki
The Combat Arms encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Welcome to the Combat Arms Wiki, the definitive source of the latest information on Combat Arms. We are currently working on 3,031 different articles, and you can contribute.

Please understand that the information on this site is continuously edited for precision. We do our best to confirm and verify any information that comes our way before we add it to our site, and errors and opinions are removed every day.

If we miss anything, please don't hesitate to point it out - or even assist us by fixing it yourself.

Brief Rules
No Harassment or Profanity
No Malicious Editing
No Spam or Advertising
No Online Chat Abuse
No Ban Evasions
No Misuse of Privileges
No Support of Illegitimate Gameplay

In case of an emergency---or if you are simply unsure of what to do---please contact the CAWiki Administration.

With all that aside, remember to check in with our site and stay up-to-date with the latest Combat Arms news!

Featured Map: Castle Storm

Castle Storm

Find and eliminate all the hidden enemies in the Old Castle
  — Map Description 

Tower Bridge is Combat Arms' 64th map. It takes place in a abandoned Old Castle.

Link to Article - All Featured Articles

Featured Article: List of Weapons in Combat Arms


The current list of all Weapons on Combat Arms (Global, Brazil and Russia).

Link to Article - All Featured Articles

Discord links!


Invites to both Discord servers:, join us! (Combat Arms Oficial) (CAWiki Oficial)

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