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Featured Article: Battle at City Center

BACC map1

When NEMEXIS tanks and paratroopers enter the city of New Pax , the World Federation seizes the opportunity to disable their army of vehicles with an EMP bomb. Now, JSF forces must fight to the city center before the tanks regain mobility and construct an impenetrable barrier.
  — Original map description 

Featured prominently in the NEMEXIS story-line, Combat Arms' 42nd, and biggest map, was first released with the 12-13-12 Patch, on December 13, 2012. Being both large and in an urban environment the map bears many similarities to Short Fuse and Ghost Town. Furthermore, various military vehicles are scattered in and around the city, due to the recent NEMEXIS invasion and subsequent World Federation Organization EMP bomb, similar to the vehicles on the map Roadkill.

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  • A round of applause for Combat Arms' 50th map, Crystal Tower!
  • Spring is officially here! Be sure to check out the Spring and Easter events and items now in the game!
  • The Arms Race roster has been updated with various Rare and Limited items!
  • The MYST-N+ has been updated with new permanent weapons.


Does the addition of Rare and Special weapons in the Arms Race roster encourage you to play that game mode more often?

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    Hello DreamSandwich here aka Elfa-(ign).Gosh,Hauser's rpg is so worth which means I could no longer wait for a perm autumn law.I bought for perm and I love it soo much :3.Time for spamming sensation!

    Anyone bought a perm Hauser's rpg7 or used it?Btw it's on sale with 15920 NX for now until I think the end of April but it's best getting this

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    NX Contest-o!

    April 16, 2014 by LunarWing

    Hallo, Freund! Ich heiße LunarWing, oder -HDN-Nepgear in Combat Arms. (Hello, friend! I am called LunarWing, or -HDN-Nepgear in Combat Arms.)

    Let's skip the German.

    I've got a proposition for you! This is a prize for... let's say... 15 Renewal Kits. Why not?

    So the way to win is to thoroughly review one of the following weapons and make it convincing enough so that I can imagine how the gun works without me having to use it. Although... I've extensively used these already.

    You have to identify the pros and cons of what you want to review. If I can find another pro or con to the weapon that you have NOT listed, you lose a brownie point (this means you lose.)

    You can identify pros and cons OR you can compare it to a previous variant... but that ha…

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