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Featured Article: Rocco

New rocco image

Once a lieutenant in JSF's anti-terrorist unit, he left the military after his family's mysterious deaths in a car accident. The truth of his wife's former employment in Coleman's laboratories led him to join Warcorp in the hopes of learning more.
  — The Arsenal 

Rocco is a male Mercenary who was released after the 6-15-12 Patch. His original version is Classic Rocco. He can be purchased in the Shop (with a rank restriction of Command Sergeant Major/III).

Rocco wears a Balanced Vest that provides +10% Protection, at the cost of -3% Speed. Like any other Mercenary, one cannot equip a Vest or Uniform whilst using Rocco...

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  • The mercenary Rocco has been given his own special set weapons!
  • The Arms Race roster has been updated with various Rare and Limited items!
  • The MYST-N+ has been updated with new permanent weapons.


Has Combat Arms become more fun to play over the years, or less enjoyable?

The poll was created at 03:02 on October 19, 2014, and so far 80 people voted.

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Community Activity

  • 1

    Free Weapons

    October 30, 2014 by LovingKate

    Once again... Nexon screwing over the "veterans".

    Many of us fought through problem after problem... what compensation?

    Right... nothing.

    4. Come back and get Gifts!

    If hacking and lagging have driven you from Combat Arms, now is the time to come back. Play today and receive:

    • 2 PERM rare weapons.
    • 1 PERM character.
    • 1 Coupon worth up to 30,000 NX on a purchase.

    Tell your friends and don't let them miss out on this amazing opportunity!

    Why not us? Why the returning players who will likely leave once again

    My forum post on the CA Forums:

    I agree with the sentiments of most of the "veteran" players.

    We have fought through the issues from the start. We did not quit. We believed it would get better eventually, and yes the game has been improved greatly. Howe…

    Read more >
  • 0

    I already have nearly every nx standard low recoil no skill guns in the game (e.g m417 combat, rec7, m16a4 firebug, m416 cqb, cz805, second amendment) And the common higher recoil tapfire guns (ak47, autumn g36 valk, g36 valk, An94 tact OPS) And most in the middle (mk16 scar L, ACR, FG42, AUG a1, mk14 mod 0) All i'm missing now is a slower firerate tapfireing gun which has very high accuracy and dmg with ability to stealth kill without of damage reduction in attachment supressor.

    I like the gun the way it is without of customization tried it few times by buying the 1 day ACE version with GP, good tap fire contol and good spread. Havn't tried customized ones, I'm thinking about buying this gun perm,  don't know how I am supposed to customize…

    Read more >

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