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Combat Arms Europe (EU) is the European version of Combat Arms. It is exclusive to countries of Europe.


Combat Arms Europe made its debut a few months after the American/Oceanian server's initial launch. Closed Beta began on October 28th, 2008, and after being in Open Beta for about 2 months, the European server was finally released to the public in January of 2009.

CA EU Closed Beta

The Combat Arms EU Closed Beta release

CA:EU used to recieve the earliest updates to the game, as they often still do. Death Room was once a European-exclusive Map, and category-specific Supply Cases (not as random as ours) had belonged to them (ex. the European Sniper Rifle Case contains only snipers).

Nowadays (July 12th, 2011), updates happen exactly a week later than Combat Arms NA. Rec Rules server was added (many people complained when it was added to CA NA and they didn't add it that time).

Video/gameplay footage shows most of the game isn't as different as the American-Oceanian Combat Arms, though some items have a change in Rank Requirement. For example, the Dragunov SVDS is not availible for direct GP-purchase until the rank of Brigadier General; while here, it only requires a rank of Major/V.

The region has grown to include several South American countries, which used to play on CA:NA. The name remains as Combat Arms Europe.

There have been complaints that Nexon is less invested in CA:EU than CA:NA. Notably, events have smaller prizes, players cannot earn "free" NX through surveys, items are more expensive, and some believe CA:EU has more bugs than CA:NA.

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