An iconic weapon of noir detectives, the compact design of this Double-Action revolver makes it an easy-to-conceal firearm.
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The Colt Cobra .38 Special was introduced to Combat Arms during the Fusion: Restore update, on 10/29/11.


The Colt Cobra .38 Special is a revolver that was released in the Fusion:Restore patch along with the INSAS Rifle. It is a solid two shot kill at close to medium range and may roll over to a three shot kill at longer ranges. The Colt Cobra .38 Special is on par with most of the Anaconda's in firing rate, except for the Anaconda Gold. The Colt Cobra .38 Special is disadvantaged by a low magazine count. However, this is basically neutralized by its slow firing rate. On the upper hand, the "snub" nose design of the gun provides ability of stealth and concealment. A player wielding this weapon can hide in hiding spots and corners without worrying that the gun may be seen.



Colt Cobra .38 Special


Bronze II
Colt Cobra .38 Special


GP Standard
Colt Cobra .38 Special



  • This revolver reportedly 'tanks' frequently, and can take up to 4 shots to kill Hauser.
  • The Fire Rate stat does not appear to be accurate. Despite having a fire rate of 12, this weapon fires notably faster than the Anaconda Black which also has a fire rate of 12.
  • In terms of overall size, this is the smallest firearm in Combat Arms.


  • The drawing animation of the Colt Cobra .38 Special.
  • The firing animation of the Colt Cobra .38 Special.
  • The reloading animation of the Colt Cobra .38 Special.
  • The sprinting animation of the Colt Cobra .38 Special.

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