The Coffin Backpack is a special Cosmetic Variant of the Advanced Backpack. It was first introduced in the October 2008 Content Update, making it one of the earliest holiday items.


The Coffin Backpack can only be obtained during the season. It allows players to equip a uniquely chained coffin, instead of a usual backpack.

When the backpack was first released, it cost the same as the Advanced Backpack. Many players were glad to have an intriguing new variant of the usual backpack, and they made sure that it was widely purchased upon its initial release. Unfortunately, the Coffin's early design was large and bulky, while the wood was rather bright and showy. This proved to be disastrous for players who depended on camping and hiding, because it made them stick-out terribly.

It was released again during the following year, but with several noticable changes. Instead of allowing 2 extra slots, like the year before, it could now hold up to 3 extra slots, making it a cosmetic variant of the Utility Backpack. The Coffin's wooden frame became more detailed, and it was given a darker sheen to blend in. The entire backpack was also re-designed to look ravaged and bloody. It also featured a small skeletal arm sticking out of a chink in the coffin.

Once again, the Coffin Backpack 2010, while retaining its look from last year. It was nerfed back to having only 2 slots while keeping the ~5% speed deduction.

The Coffin backpack also made another appearance on the Halloween 2011 patch. It was a free reward for all players who logged in during the event, and also can be obtained as a job reward.



GP Standard
Advanced Backpack
Tactical Backpack
Utility Backpack
Clan Backpack
NX Standard
Utility Backpack
Elite 1st Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
Elite 2nd Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
Soccer Ball Backpack
Turkey Backpack
Coffin Backpack
Xmas Backpack
First Anniversary Backpack
1st Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
2nd Anniversary Backpack
2nd Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
3rd Anniversary Backpack
Elite 3rd Anniversary Backpack
Fourth Anniversary Backpack
Elite 4th Anniversary Backpack
5th Anniversary Backpack
Elite 5th Anniversary Backpack


  • The Coffin Backpack was one of the earliest Holiday Items ever released.
  • The Coffin Backpack is one of the few items to have recieved a reskin.
  • Many players speculate who the hand in the coffin belongs to..
  • Though it has been nerfed back-and-forth, the description of the item still hasn't changed. It still says (3-slot).
  • This item became a purchasable backpack cosmetic, available for 7 days to Permanent.


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