Close-Quarters Battle, or simply CQB, is a full-blown gunfight in any area from 1 to 15 meters. It usually contains the most action and is ruled by Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sub Machine Guns especially dual(s), Machine Guns, and Miniguns.

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A M416 CQB, a popular CQB Weapon.

One of the few planned tactics used in Combat Arms, this strategy is very useful against Sniper Rifle wielders and Campers who aren't paying attention to anyone around them.

Ways to Use CQB

For Hit-and-Run

  • This is easiest to pull off after the player has seen an enemy's camping spot on Kill Cam. If the player knows the map well, they can find the camping spot. Once the player has arrived, unleashing a short burst of bullets can usually put the enemy down. Players can also attack multiple enemies by watching the enemy's spawn point after a kill streak.
  • Direct (front-contact) Hit-and-Run with CQB is also possible, but it is very unlikely that the player would survive direct contact from group of enemies.

For Common Close-Range Attacks

  • CQB is also used coincidentally when two players of the opposite sides meet. Like any other CQBs, an automatic weapon (especially a SMG) or a shotgun is best suited for this situation. Players also use bunny hopping and moving around to avoid as much damage as possible.

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