This article refers to the Specialist Scorpion. For the gun, see Skorpion


"...Hand-picked amongst an elite group of soldiers for his brilliant mind and excellent physique. Scorpion is equipped with a special Combat Suit and can use a variety of Special Items with a diverse set of functions."
  — Official Combat Arms website [src]

Codename: Scorpion (Classic) is an elite male Specialist. Along with Classic Viper, he was one of the first Specialists released in Combat Arms.

Tactical Advantage

Scorpion Portrait

Aside from his Heavy/Medium Vest hybrid, Classic Scorpion has a high headshot protection of up to 40%, which is better than the Pilot Helmet, or even the Elite Shemagh, which only provides a 35% Headshot protection. This nearly equals the Super Spy's Advanced Armor protection.

In the Black Market, he was once available for hire at a price of 3,900 NX for a 7-day period, and 7,900 NX for a 30-day period. He was also available permanently from opening Black HiSec Cases (though the chance was very slim).

Classic Scorpion was one of the less popular Specialists due to the fact that Classic Viper and Classic Hawk's statistics are much better than his own. Despite this, he was quite common during his release, and he was still often seen at least once in every game afterwards (probably of his ninja-looks).



Classic Scorpion


Silver III
Classic Scorpion
Gold I
Classic Scorpion



  • Classic Scorpion's unique Specialist trait is having the highest achievable Headshot protection in the game; yet his head is only covered with a thin black cloth.
  • Like Classic Viper, Classic Hawk, and Classic Raven, Classic Scorpion is often looked down upon due to the overpowered weapons and boosts he provides. Many believe that they cause an imbalance in-game.
  • Classic Scorpion and Classic Viper both have their camouflage flaws. While they both wear black body-suits, Viper shows off too much skin, and Scorpion's grey armor contrasts too much.
  • Classic Scorpion has a white "phone" with a blue dot in his pocket.


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