Rocco (Classic) is a mercenary added into the game during the 5-27-09 Patch. He is Italian and the first mercenary to wear the Balanced Vest.


Rocco previously served as a Major in the UAF Counter-Terrorist Task Force where his exceptional strategy and incisive tactics made him an effective and respected commissioned officer. Despite his distinguished service record, Rocco abruptly decided to leave the military after a personal tragedy.

Five years ago, Rocco lost his family in a devastating car accident. During the lengthy investigation, evidence pointed to the possibility that Miles Coleman (Rocco’s commanding officer in Operation Desert Thunder) and Warcorp were somehow involved in the tragedy. Bent on revenge, Rocco joined Warcorp in order to find those responsible.

Now, as a Warcorp associate and freelance mercenary, Rocco travels the world, finishing contract after contract no matter the risk – all the while trying to hide his true intentions. As he cuts a path through kidnappings, “threatening” groups and underworld empires, he continues to investigate the connection of Warcorp and its leader, Miles Coleman, to the loss of his family in an attempt to uncover the truth behind the accident and punish those responsible.



Classic Rocco


Silver II
Classic Rocco


  • When finishing Cabin Fever on extreme, he is part of the evacuation team sent in to retrieve the virus.
    • Colonel Coleman may have sent Rocco to his death if he knew of Rocco's intentions.
    • It is unknown whether Rocco is dead, or whether his Cabin Fever appearance was even canonical or not.
    • Rocco seems to have survived the helicopter crash in Cabin Fever because he appears in Operation: Black Lung supporting what seems to be a UAF/Warcorp bomb team.
    • Though he is ambushed by the Infected once again (right after getting off the elevator) and seemingly dead once more, he re-appears unharmed at the end of the mission.
  • Rocco's in-game description shows that he is skilled with multiple types of weapons and well schooled in a wide range of battlefield tactics compared to other soldiers.
  • He is also heard in CA blabber boxes in the video Merc: Romance
  • Classic Rocco was re-sold for permanent duration for 40% off during the Goodbye Merc Sale. The new Rocco has -3% Speed and +10% Damage Protection.