This is a historical page that documents Weapons, Gear, Modes, Maps, Sales, or Events that are no longer available, and as such, information should only be added.

Each type has been "carefully selected and raised from birth to be the ultimate combination of strength, stealth, brilliance, and skill."
  — Item description. 

Classic Operatives comprise of the original Operatives before they were nerfed in the Best of the Best Update.

Classic Operatives are no longer obtainable.



There are five Classic Operatives, which include: Classic Viper, Classic Scorpion, Classic Raven, and Classic Hawk. Classic Souza was secretly added later on.

All five characters are equipped with "Vest hybrids," which are formerly known as "Combat Suits." These unique vests allow a combination of two different vests' statistics (the speed and protection increase/decrease) such as the speed of a light vest and the protection of a medium vest.

Like any Specialist, Classic Operatives are free to equip themselves with anything in the Weapons category. They can also use any Specialist Items, which can be expanded temporarily by buying a Specialist 2 Slot License. Also, like any Specialist, the Body category is completely to off-limit—so these characters cannot wear a backpack or any other gear (though a Specialist Backpack License can be used as a replacement for ordinary weapons)

During the Changing of the Guard Sale, the Classic Operatives were being sold at a permanent duration/discount for the very last time until they were being removed from the game. The Operatives were re-released after the 5/17/12 Patch, and to players' suprise, the characters were nerfed.



  • Classic Souza was the only Operative to be updated at a later date.
    • He also happened to be the only Operative without a codename, and the only one who couldn't be purchased at the time.
    • His update was also the only one not to be announced.
  • Classic Operatives are often labeled as overpowered, just like every Specialist was referred to before their update.


  • Classic Hawk
  • Classic Viper
  • Classic Scorpion
  • Classic Raven
  • Classic Souza

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