A Security Consultant for NEMEXIS Corp., Hauser is a highly capable soldier who overwhelms his enemies with his incredible strength. Not much is known about his past, but it is clearly painful for him to think about. Fellow Mercenaries have confided that his work has taken him all across the globe, which explains the variety of influences in his unique accent. Rumors surround Hauser after his recent and sudden departure from the UAF; many soldiers believe the loss of his squad to a botched secret mission turned the muscled behemoth rogue. Hauser is an unyielding mercenary with a powerful physique. Soldiers know him as a relentless killing machine, hunting down the enemy and exterminating anyone in his way. His immense strength puts Hauser in a class of his own. He is equipped with a special Commando Vest.
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Hauser (Classic) is a Mercenary who was introduced in the 8-26-09 Patch

Classic Hauser


Released Date
+20% Protection
-13% Speed
Commando Vest armor
Gear: Uniform/Vest
Rank Restriction:Captain/I
7 Days - 19,500 GP
30 Days - 39,500 GP
7 Days - 2,900 NX
30 Days - 5,900 NX
Below average


Similar to Lynx, Hauser has his own unique vest; the Commando Vest. Currently, it provides the greatest ordinary vest protection in the game, aside from the Super Spy's Advanced Armor or an Infected's skin

This is offset, however, by a -13% speed penalty---which also happens to be the worst speed penalty in the game.



Classic Hauser
Hauser Set tag
Eliminator Hauser Set tag
Blizzard Hauser Set tag


Silver II
Classic Hauser
Hauser Set tag
Gold I
Eliminator Hauser Set tag
Blizzard Hauser Set tag


NX Rare
Eliminator Hauser Set tag
Blizzard Hauser Set tag
Hauser Set tag
Classic Hauser


Hauser was featured in the following events:

  • He was the 2nd mysterious reward of the "Daily 10 Matches Event!" in 10/2/10, the first being a Respawn Token.
  • Classic Hauser was sold for permanent duration during the 2nd Annual Buzzing Bullets Sale (3/26/12- 4/1/12)
  • The Goodbye Merc Sale was his last sale, where he was available for a permanent duration.

While his classic version was removed from the game after the 6-15-12 Patch, his current version is still available for purchase.


Hauser has appeared in a few trailers/videos relating to Combat Arms such as:

  • Hauser briefly appears in Desert Fox as part of the squad assigned to capture Terrorist Z. He can be seen in the back of the group if you manage to catch Z.
  • Hauser also appears as part of the strike team sent to invade NEMEXIS HQ, and is the one who finishes off the boss with an RPG-7.
  • He also makes an appearance in Nexon's Blabber Box series, though he looks much thinner there (due to the staff member portraying him).
    • From the Mini Blabber Box (2) episode, it concludes from the Combat Arms Machinima that Hauser can barely speak any English.
    • He is also in the Merc:hitbox video in which he talks to Zadan about his hitbox, and how 'large' he is getting.


  • Hauser, along with Kamara, is one of two Mercenaries who have not yet had their own Epic Weapon.
  • According to the non-canon promotional poster for Combat Arms the Musical, his first name begins with a 'G'.
  • Hauser is wielding two machine guns in his mercenary artwork (the M60 & M60E4); a feat that is impossible in-game.

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