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Deckland (Classic) was part of an elite group of mercenaries, along with Mei, Zadan, and Baron and several other characters.

He was purchasable (like all mercenaries ) in both the Black Market and the Shop. Deckland can only be bought with GP at the rank of Captain I and higher. Deckland also has his own epic weapon, Deckland's F2000 Tactical.


A former Strike Force commander of Special Forces Operations Detachment - Delta, Deckland was recruited by the private military corporation "Warcorp" for his unparalleled knowledge of counter-terrorism tactics and urban operations. Over his nine year tenure with Delta, he carried out over 27 highly classified combat missions, developing a specialty in extracting high value targets from hot zones.

Deckland seems to find the base motivations of most of his current mercenary compatriots contemptible, and it remains a mystery why such a decorated veteran would seek employment with a PMC that is widely reviled and regarded to be unscrupulous. Sources point to his visits to a young, terminally-ill patient at a stateside hospital; unconfirmed reports indicate this may be his illegitimate daughter, but the ultra-professional soldier rebuffs all comment about his personal life.



Classic Deckland


Silver II
2-Silver Star
Classic Deckland


GP Standard Classic Deckland
NX Standard Classic Deckland


  • Contrary to what some players believe, Deckland's camo is not the standard used by the U.S. Army, as the soldiers wear ACUs in the Universal Camouflage Pattern. Deckland's camo is patterned a "tiger stripe" pattern, ressembling the US Air Force's ABUs.
  • Like several other Mercenaries, he has a gun decoratively holstered at his side, but there is no real use for it. The gun seems to be a MP5 with a urban camo.
  • Deckland was resold for Permanent Duration on the Buzzing Bullets Sale in April 2011.
  • Deckland has his own custom gun, the Deckland's F2000 Tactical .
  • On the Nexon Black Market page, he is seen wearing a Light Vest and wielding the P90TR Sub Machine Gun.
  • Classic Deckland was resold for Permanent Duration for 40% off during the Goodbye Merc Sale (6/6/12-6/13/12.) The new Deckland has +6% Speed and -10% Damage Protection.


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