Specializing in urban battles and tactical raids, this former member of an important Brazilian elite squad is still respected everywhere he goes. An old field instructor, he dominates with any fighting equipment.
  — Official Description 
Classic Captain Souza


Released Date
+17% Speed
+30% Sprint Stamina
All face, head, vest, and backpack gears.
Above Average (when it's available)

(Classic) Capitão Souza, translated to "Captain Souza," is a Specialist who was first exclusive to Combat Arms Brazil.

Information on him was leaked several weeks prior to September 15th, the date of his release during the Black Friday 2011 event. His tactical vest is similar to Max's vest and provides similar statistical boosts.

He was removed permanently from the game and his other version is available through HiSec Cases (the only way players would still obtain the (Classic) Captain Souza would be getting it permanetly before he was removed from the game).


Captain Souza has +17% speed (just +1% away from Classic Raven) along with +30% sprint stamina. His statistics can be favourable to those playing in Quarantine Regen, or just any other game mode that the player requires a good amount of speed and stamina. Weirdly, Captain Souza's hitbox isn't that big compared to other male characters (which is unusual because male characters usually have large hitboxes).



Classic Captain Souza
Captain Souza


Silver III
Classic Captain Souza
Captain Souza
Gold I
Classic Captain Souza
Captain Souza


GP Standard
Classic Captain Souza
Captain Souza
NX Standard
Classic Captain Souza
Captain Souza


  • Classic Souza was the first Specialist to not have a codename.
  • Classic Souza was the only Specialist to be updated on a later date.
    • He also happened to be the only Specialist without a codename, and the only one who couldn't be purchased at the time.
    • His update was also the only one not to be announced.
    • Cpt. Souza (Now Classic Souza) was given permemantly to the top 20 gifters (in the amount of NX) that participated in the "Love is in the Air" event in early Febuary 2011.
    • Classic Souza is the rarest Specialist/Character in Combat Arms NA.
  • He is the Specialist with the smallest hitbox.
  • Cpt. Souza has his own custom weapon, the Captain Souza's ParaFAL.


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