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Allows you to change the display color of your clan name in the lobby and game room.
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Clan Name Color Change is a NX function item item in the Black Market, costing 2,900 NX for 30 days and 4900 NX for 90 days. Within this period of time, the clan with this item activated would have their Clan name color changed.

If the Clan Leader chose a red color, the change would look like this example: ExampleClan to ExampleClan. There are a wide range of colors, similar to the Player Name Color Change. The clan name would be in that color and can be seen in the Pre-game Lobby, Scoreboard (in-game), and a player's, who is in the clan, profile. Note that only the clan leader can activate this item for his/her clan. He/she is the only one who can choose the color, also.



  • It was once sold in the Black Market as a permanent item on Combat Arms North America.



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