This item allows you to create or change a Clan Emblem. Clan Emblems are displayed before your clan name and on your character's arm.
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The Clan GRA

allows you to create a (or change an existing) Clan Emblem for your Clan. Once you create an emblem, it will be displayed before your clan name in-game and will appear during matches as a badge on the left arm for the characters of all clan members and also in clan matches. This emblem will be viewed on all of the clan items currently available. It can only be purchased and used by the Clan Leader. It is a permanent item and can only be used once unless you buy another one.

Default Emblems

There is only one known default emblem, and it takes the appearance of a raggedy patch on the player's left arm. The player will always retain this default emblem even if they have a different emblem already. The new emblem simply covers the patch where the default emblem is. It is unknown what the default emblem's symbol signifies.
Default Emblem

The default emblem.

How to Add an Emblem

You must be the leader of your clan. Clan Emblems can be bought via the Black Market. You can then activate the item, and choose the background and symbol you'd like. There are plenty of possible combinations; but note that many of them may have already been taken. Also, once you choose a combination, it can never been used again on a different clan unless your emblem is removed via clan termination or emblem discarding.

Clan Emblems cannot be changed unless you buy a new emblem.


  • In Combat Arms Korea, as well as several other versions of Combat Arms, players can upload their own images as their designated emblems; instead of having to choose predetermined ones.