Clan Backpack

Main clan backpack

GP cost
1 Day - 900 GP
7 Days - 4,410 GP
30 Days - 17,550 GP
90 Days - 48,600 GP
Clan Level 3
Above Average

Weapon Slots +3

Speed -5%

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High Resolution Picture

A high capacity, clan-exclusive backpack that allows you to carry three additional weapons and/or equipment items into battle. Its weight incurs a slight movement penalty.
  — The Arsenal 

The Clan Backpack is a Clan-exclusive item added with the 7/1/10 Patch. It features three slots and a -5% speed reduction.


As a variant of the Utility Backpack, the only difference between the two is that the Utility Backpack can be obtained at the rank of First Lieutenant or higher, while the Clan Backpack can be obtained at any rank if the Player is in a Level 3+ Clan.

When purchased, the Clan Backpack will feature the player's clan emblem on it, if the clan has one.  

If a player purchases the clan backpack and then leaves the clan, the backpack will look exactly like the one shown to the right. 



GP Standard
Advanced Backpack
Tactical Backpack
Utility Backpack
Clan Backpack
NX Standard
Utility Backpack
Elite 1st Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
Elite 2nd Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
Soccer Ball Backpack
Turkey Backpack
Coffin Backpack
Xmas Backpack
First Anniversary Backpack
1st Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
2nd Anniversary Backpack
2nd Anniversary Backpack (Brazil)
3rd Anniversary Backpack
Elite 3rd Anniversary Backpack
Fourth Anniversary Backpack
Elite 4th Anniversary Backpack
5th Anniversary Backpack
Elite 5th Anniversary Backpack


  • The Clan Backpack is currently the only "plain" backpack in the game; disregarding clan emblems (since it doesn't have any special designs or camouflage).
  • It is currently the only Clan Variant of any backpack (technically, the Utility Backpack). 

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