A Clan Match is a special version of a Game Mode where two clans are pitted gainst each other. Clan matches are only playable on the Bulldog server, and in a sense, it is its own type of Game Mode.


In the game room, only two clans and their members are allowed inside. Only four types of game modes can be played: Elimination, Capture the Flag, Elimination Pro, and Search and Destroy (the other game modes are not really squad-on-squad based). Each clan must cooperate with their teammates in order to succeed.

A clan matchs will always have Join Mid Combat off, friendly fire on, and kill cam and abilities able to be turned on or off.

When halfway through the match, (for an example: when a team gets 50 kills out of 100 in an Elimination Clan Match), both teams would switch sides. This is used to prevent one side from using the fraction's advantage to win the game easily.

Playing a clan match gives clan experience, and like the Rank system, the clan would be promoted after a certain amount of wins. The results of the match can be also seen on the official Combat Arms website.

The clan match can end in a loss, win or a draw. Clan matches also affect a player's KDR.

List of Featured Game Modes and their Target

  • Elimination: 100 Kills. Once a team reaches 50 Kills, they swap sides. First team to reach 100 kills wins.
  • Capture the Flag: 6 Captures. Once a team reaches 3 captures, they swap sides. First team to reach 6 captures wins.
  • Elimination Pro: 6 Rounds in total. Teams swap after 3 rounds have passed. The team that won more rounds wins.
  • Search and Destroy: 6 Rounds in total. Teams swap after 3 rounds have passed. The team that won more rounds wins.


  • Clan Match games can only start if all players in the room have the 'Ready' status.
  • Clan Match games require a minimum of 4 players on each side.

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