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City of Wings
City of Wings Overview
Name City of Wings
Other Names CoW
Size Relatively Large
Location Brazil
First Introduced July 18, 2013
Popularity Average

Main Discussion

Search the shanty town for a researcher named Micaela, free her from her captors, and escort her to the helicopter.
  — Map description 

City of Wings is the 47th map in Combat Arms, after the 07/16/13 Content Update.

It is currently the only VIP Escort map.


This map takes place in a dilapidated shantytown, where battles will mostly take place in the alleyways or on the rooftops of the marketplace in the center.

The hostage is located in a cell near the defense team's spawn point, where she can either have someone else open it for her, or break out of it herself (which takes longer).

The extraction point is located near the center of the map.


  • It is the original VIP Escort map and so far the only map in which the mode VIP Escort can be played.
  • This map was developed by Sniper (Developer).


Wall Tags
Wall Graffiti

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