A top-of-the-line Gas Mask that uses an improved filter cartridge to improve air purification capabilities.
  — The Arsenal 

The Chemical Gas Mask is a body equipment item available for purchase from the Black Market. Like other wearable equipment, it was originally claimed to have no in-game effect, but was later modified to prevent damage to the player from nerve gas grenades (e.g. G7A Gas). It was incorporated into the game in the October 2009 patch. The Chemical Gas Mask can be very useful in Cabin Fever and Black Lung .



  • It caused a commotion when Elimination was added to the map Overdose, as it negated the discouraging effects of the nerve gas between the Alpha and Bravo spawn points.
  • This mask is based on the real-life U.K Military Avon S10 Gas Mask.
  • This is the most protective gas mask out of all the gas masks in the game, barring the rewarded mask from Cabin Fever.