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A commemorative backpack that is given to Generals who participated in the division training. (Reward item for Generals)
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The Champion Backpack is the final upgrade of the Standard Backpack.


The Champion Backpack is an improved version of the Elite Backpack. It is unlocked at Brigadier General, and is a permanent item once obtained. It features a black exterior with a blood-red scythe blade in the center and bloodstains on the bottom right corner.

It is the best permanent alternative of the Advanced Backpack, though it is still 3% heavier.



  • This is the backpack with the highest rank requirement of ANY backpack.
  • This is currently the LAST backpack you can unlock with rank..
  1. The 2 Chinese characters on the bottom right corner of the backpack read an aptly worded "Death God". This is a reference to the main character's role, as a Shinigami (Death God).
  • The words 死神 (pinyin: Sǐshén) is also a play on the fact that the sheer amount of kills needed to reach this rank, making the player (more or less) a grim reaper.


Champion Backpack Fanart

Awesome closeup view of Champion Backpack with detail of lettering.

Champion backpack 1

A picture of the Champion Backpack