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A discerning eye for enemy traps: weapons planted by your foes become easy to spot with a red indicator. This skill is always active and helps the Assassin avoid deadly ambushes
  — Item description. 


Caution is an Assassin Ability that was released along with the Cover of Darkness Update. It marks planted enemy traps (e.g. M16A1 AP Mine, Claymore) with red indicators (similar to how Mines have their own green indicators). Caution can only be used and equipped by Assassin characters.

Caution is available at both the Shop and the Black Market for only 1 day duration.


  • This ability was available for permanent duration during the One Day Sale on 12/21/12, at a price of 900 NX.
    • This makes the 'Caution' ability the cheapest permanent item by far.
  • This ability works while the player is infected, though it is not shown in an ability slot once the player becomes an infected. This comes in handy to help the infected survive.
  • This ability has also been able to work when a player is selected as VIP. It is extremely useful to the VIP to avoid mines and to help other team members not get killed by them.
  • Erroneously, friendly claymores may have a red indicator over them instead of the correct green indicator.