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Suppressors (also known as Silencers) are Modifications that can be bought in the Modifications tab.

These attachments allow greatly reduced gunfire noise, but suffer from reduced damage. Each suppressor also has one extra effect dependent on the suppressor itself. Note that some guns come with built-in suppressors, such as MOD weapons. However, guns with built-in suppressors will not have any damage lost.

Suppressors cannot be placed on Machine Guns, Shotguns, or Explosives.

A strange side effect that suppressors have is that they reduce the fire rate of some weapons, or at least appear to.

It should be noted that it is not a 'silencer' as many people believe, as it is not possible to completely 'silence' a gunshot, only minimize the report of the latter. The term silencer is some-what incorrect but still widely used. The correct term is 'Suppressor' as a gunshot can only be 'suppressed', not 'silenced'.

Weapon Mods - Silencers Enhancement 1 Day 7 Days 30 days 90 Days Perm Rank
S1 - 50% Noise Reduction DAM -10%/REC -10% 100 GP 490 GP 1950 GP 5400 GP - None
S2 - 50% Noise Reduction DAM -10%/Tracer -30% 100 GP 490 GP 1950 GP 5400 GP - SFC II
S3 - 50% Noise Reduction DAM -10%/Flash -100% 100 GP 490 GP 1950 GP 5400 GP - MSG I

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