A Mark II Weapon is an upgrade made available through the Gun Emporium. These guns are said to be "improved versions" of the weapons we've come to know and love.

How To Obtain

Only certain weapons can be upgraded into Mark II weaponry. For the weapons that can be upgraded, you must first take a job from Bubba: Get 100 kills with an eligible weapon, and then come back to him (with the weapon in your inventory) for an upgrade.

Traits of a Mark II Weapon

The defining characteristics of each Mark II weapon include the cobalt blue paint graft, a distinguishable wing-star emblem, and noticeably improved statistics.


  • With the release of Mark II weaponry, Nexon openly admitted that several weapons were "underpowered". As seen in the following quote: Are flawed, under powered weapons gathering dust in your inventory?
  • Like Forged Weaponry, upgraded Mark II weapons retain their original usage time. Players with eligible permanent weapons can obtain the Mark II weapon as a permanent upgrade. Upgraded temporary weapons will still be temporary, with no change to their remaining duration.

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