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GP Permanent items are usually popular GP items that Nexon decides to release for Permanent duration at a certain price. These sales are not only rare and expensive, but they usually last for a single day only, giving capable players a minimal window of time to buy the item. GP LE events are one of the few ways that free players can obtain permanent items, aside from special events.

Permanent GP weapons are indistinguishable from their shop counterparts, aside from the "LE" suffix attached to their names. The special suffix also allows other players to know whether or not an item is Permanent (since you can't tell if most weapons are Permanent or not). Nexon also tracks these weapons' stats differently from the normal GP weapon; for example, a player can have up to two of their favorite weapons at once (e.x the G36E and the G36E LE). The L96A1 Sniper rifle was offered as permanent but does not have the "LE" suffix


  • At first, these GP LE events were only available within Global CA (NA). However, CA EU has had the same events, though the price is 20% cheaper (80K as opposed to 100K).
  • Both the G36E and UMP says LE. However, the L96A1 does not say "LE" in the name, so you cannot have two L96A1's equipped at the same time.

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