The American Eagle crossed the border north, and has gotten an all-new, Canadian design to match!
  — The Arsenal 

The Canadian Eagle is a NX-Standard pistol introduced on 07/01/2013 to celebrate Canada Day.


The Canadian Eagle is a special limited edition cosmetic variant of the Desert Eagle SE and is the counterpart to the American Eagle. It is specifically made to celebrate July 1st, or Canada Day. The gun features a Canadian theme and is adorned with a maple leaf decal. This gun is on par with the Desert Eagle SE.



  • When the Canadian Eagle was released, the selling price of the pistol for 7 days was 99,999 NX.
  • The slide has the words "Desert Eagle .50AE Pistol Military Industries LTD (M.I)" engraved on it.
  • With an Extended Magazine II, one can have the ammunition from both 7 round magazines in one 14 round magazine.
  • Oddly enough, even though the other holiday variant, the American Eagle, has a flashy draw animation, the Canadian Eagle draws the exact same way as the regular Desert Eagle, in which the player simply draws the pistol and pulls back the slide.


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