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Br De Fr
Main caltrops
GP cost

1 Day - 2,400 GP

7 Days - 8,800 GP

30 Days - 17,200 GP

90 Days - 31,600 GP

NX cost

Brazil Prices

1 Days - 600 NX

7 Days - 2,200 NX

30 Days - 4,300 NX

90 Days - 7,900 NX

North America Prices

1 Days - 600 NX

7 Days - 2,900 NX

30 Days - 5,900 NX

90 Days - 7,900 NX


NA: Ico rank08 01Sergeant First Class/I

BR: Ico rank11 03Second Lieutenant/III



Below Average


Damage From Bleeding

Slows Victims

Ammo capacity



Razor sharp and difficult to see, Caltrops are ideal for creating traps for enemies too foolish to watch where they run. Stepping on Caltrops decreases movement speed and causes severe bleeding, hindering the target as they lose HP.
  — The Arsenal 

Caltrops are an Operative-exclusive item released on 01-26-11.

They are cause enemies to lose HP and move slower upon touching them.


Caltrops are spike traps that slow down and create bleeding damage to enemies who step on them. The bleeding damage is similar to M23F Incendiary and G7A Gas damage. Players receive five Caltrop sets and deploy five Caltrops for every set used for a total of twenty-five Caltrops per respawn. A single set of Caltrops deal around twenty damage after the DOT is over. However, their damage stack just like incendiary gas and mines. Caltrops affect Infected in Quarantine Regen as well, dealing 1-2 damage per second while providing minimal knockback although they can slow the infected down thus giving humans ample time to escape into a saferoom.

Caltrops are one of the least used Operative Items in the game, due to it being easily destroyed by explosives and enemies.


  • If a player bought a 30 Days Caltrops upon its release (between 1/26 and 2/2 at 11am PST), they would receive a free 7 day Specialist 2 Slot License.
  • Caltrops were originally released in Combat Arms Europe as a event in which you had to design a item or specialist.


  • The word caltrop is derived from the Latin calcitrapa (foot-trap).
  • The user holds a set of five Caltrops bunched together in his/her hand, which is physically impossible in real life.
  • The user's left hand features an awkward position when deploying Caltrops.
  • A player bleeding having stepped on Caltrops will hear a wet splatting sound coming from them and the screen will blink a light red color.
  • Players with the black screen glitch when entering gasious or enflammed areas will not experience this when walking over caltrops. The screen will not have any visual alterations, though the wet splatting sound will still be present.
  • After their release, unlike other explosive items, a player's Caltrops used to remain even after they have become Infected. These Caltrops, instead of infecting humans, used to deal damage and slow them down just like enemy Caltrops. This has since been patched in the 2-16-2011 Content Update like the Infected Nade.
  • In real life, Caltrops don't look like the ones in-game, they more look like small spike balls with a steel center.
  • Caltrops used to push back infected in Quarantine mode. This has been fixed after the 2-16-2011 Content Update.
  • If an enemy destroys the Caltrops (without stepping on it), the item's explosive won't hurt them.
  • In Fireteam, Caltrops used to make the soldiers/Infected walk slower than their normal speed. This has been changed after the 2-16-2011 Content Update.
  • Caltrops was classified under Explosives after its release. After the 2-16-2011 Content Update, Caltrops can be used in a "No Explosives" game.


  • The draw animation of the Caltrops.
  • The planting animation of the Caltrops.
  • The sprint animation of the Caltrops.
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