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Br De Fr
CIC1 Cosmetic Backpack
CIC1 Cosmetic Backpack
GP cost

Default Item Reward


Ico rank22 01 Commander in Chief I

Insert text here, without quotes.
  — Item Description 


Just like the other transparent items, the CIC1 Cosmetic Backpack, when equipped, turns the player's backpack into a big Commander in Chief I rank.



Default CIC1 Cosmetic Backpack
CIC2 Cosmetic Backpack
CIC3 Cosmetic Backpack
CIC4 Cosmetic Backpack
CIC5 Cosmetic Backpack


  • In 07/13/2016 Nexon decides up to add five new ranks [1].
  • In 07/19/2016 Nexon releases the new ranks and the new rewards [2].



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