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CA 3.0 Dog Tags are items released by Nexon to celebrate the 3.0 Content Update that are collected to be traded in for rewards in The Emporium that could be obtained in sets of 1-3 when one obtains a 3.0 Dog Tag Case from a MYST-N+. The Dog Tags have been discontinued as of January 2nd, 2014 but the Dog Tag Reward System remains in place so that players who have not spent all their Dog Tags can still redeem rewards.


To access the rewards go to the Jobs tab and then choose Scavenger Jobs. All of these jobs are available regardless of rank.

Dog Tags Needed Rewards
3 1 Party Respawn Token
6 10 Bonus Exp Pass (200%)
12 Super Weapon Renewal Kit
18 30 Bonus EXP Pass (200%)
40 50 Bonus EXP Pass (200%)
70 30 day M4A1 SOPMOD
70 30 day P90TR SE
140 90 day M416 CQB CAMO
140 90 day MSR
280 Permanent REC7 Rangers

Until 11/21/13 Permanent AR-15 Double Barrel

11/21/13 Permanent TPG-1 Master

500 1 Demon Cache (Containing one 30 day Mythic Weapon)
600 Permanent Super Elite Moderator
1000 1 Supply Crate MYST-Ultimate



  • Dog Tags were added back to the game on November 21st, 2013. The only noticeable change was the fact that the AR-15 Double Barrel had been replaced with the TPG-1 Master. They have since been discontinued as of January 2nd, 2014.

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