Here is a list of minor tasks that need to be completed on the Combat Arms Wiki, including helpful reminders while editing pages. For long-term projects, click here.

To Do List

  1. Updating ALL old templates (Maps, Modes, Black Market/NX, Gear, etc).
  2. Sorting every item (gear, weapons, supply crates) into their respective categories (such as GP Standard/Rare, NX Standard/Rare, and everything else that they may fit into.
  3. Moving all variants from their own article onto the main weapon article, as a sub-section of that page (trivia, media, and item stats are also moved).
  4. Adding the YEAR that EACH ITEM/EVENT/FEATURE was released to their respective articles. If you don't know try looking at history for the first edit. That's most likely when the item was released.
  5. Create disambiguation pages for required weapon families.
  6. Getting clear HUD-off screenshots for map pages.
  7. Making a navigation template for all MYST-cases.
  8. Clean up articles so that they can be viewed in Visual Mode.
  9. Rename all existing Patches (except routine maintenance patches) to Content Updates.
  10. List all the Content Updates on this page.
  11. Add the stats of all rank weapons of CA:RU (AK-74U, Makarov and NR-40) and the weapons of Dead Water (Shylock's Machinegun and Shylock's Shotgun).
  12. Add the new MYST cases of Combat Arms Brazil (ZombieW will do).
  13. Rename all images on page: NEMEXIS_HQ.

Adding content to:

  1. Every other new/stub article.
  2. Arms Settings (Super Elite Mod Arms Combinations)
  3. Gold Case
  4. Silver Case
  5. Updating Gun Emporium
  6. Inventory
  7. Articles under Category:Article stubs
  8. Cleaning up articles under Category:Articles in need of cleanup
  9. Rewriting articles under Category:Articles needing Re-write


  • When adding a new item or weapon, do NOT use the word "new" AT ALL.
  1. The reason for this is that, eventually, said item will NOT be new. Instead of having to go back every patch and removing the "new" aspect of the article, it's best to just say, "ETC's L96A1 Black-Magnum was released during the the ETC Content Update," as opposed to, "ETC's L96A1 Black-Magnum is a NEW sniper rifle released in the ETC Content Update." 

This saves time AND effort!

  • Content Updates ARE Patches, and vice-versa!
  1. Patches are a type of Content Update, and therefore must be treated as such. While it's easier to just refer to the monthly Content Updates as Patches (as most people informally do), the articles must FORMALLY be referred to as Content Updates!
  2. Only older Content Updates, which were explicitly referred to as Patches on the main CA website, can remain as Patches. Everything else must go!

Finished Jobs

  1. 22nd of April, 2013: Pages categorized under Category:GP Common are to be re-categorized under Category:GP Standard.
  2. Adding content to Bonus EXP/GP Combo Pass (20%)
  3. Adding content to Gold Homerun Case, Silver Homerun Case, Bronze Homerun Case
  4. 14th of July, 2013: Remove Category:Special from pages, and replace with Category:NX Function Items if necessary.
  5. 22th of September, 2015 Add in all weapons pages (AR / SMG / SR / MG / SG / Pistols), the new moditications (Bullets and Iron Sight).

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