Here we discuss the major ongoing projects of the Combat Arms Wiki. For smaller issues, click here.

If you wish to give the Combat Arms Wiki a helping hand, simply list your Wiki username under the appropriate heading and consult the Project Leader for further information. However, you must have a Wiki account to do so.

Current Projects 

Project Contributors Description Priority
Media: Adding and upgrading weapon animations (GIFs) on weapon pages
  1. TopsyKretts3 (Leader)
  2. Blue August
  3. ComradeJ
  4. UCN supreme
  5. Sir-Nikolay
Pages lacking any weapon animations have a heightened priority. Ensure that all GIFs are 319x180. Project page. Medium
Cleaning up MYST-ABC pages MYST-ABC pages need to have the format shown here. Medium
Reorganisation and formatting of all Hack Function pages
  1. MVP EdwardJ (Leader)
Hack function page requirements are found here Medium
Replacing low quality weapon profile images with higher quality ones
  1. Soulblydd (Co-Leader; provides high quality images)
  2. ComradeJ (Co-Leader; provides high quality images)
Some profile images of weapons are too low quality and need replacing. See Soulblydd's Image Archive for image comparisons. Contact Soulblydd on how to supply high quality images. Low
Cleaning up redirect pages Some redirect pages lead to other redirect pages, some to pages that do not exist. These must be fixed. See Special:DoubleRedirects and Special:BrokenRedirects for a full list. High
Adding in-game shop/arsenal images for items
  1. ComradeJ (Host)
  2. LovingKate
Some articles need to have shop/arsenal images of the item. Do not add in shop prices, since they vary from time to time. Medium
Finding lost information for the Custom Warzone Arena
  1. Blue August (Leader)
Some links for the CWA leads to dead pages that have been lost. Use to locate and recover the missing information in its exact layout. Medium
Archiving game sounds
  1. ComradeJ (Leader)
Since the unity of Combat Arms North America and Combat Arms Europe, game sounds have changed. Extract the old game sounds and upload them to the archive on the wiki. Medium

Completed Projects

Project Contributors Description Completion Date
Removing the 'Guns Missing Stats' category from gear and function item pages.
  1. TopsyKretts3 (Co-Leader)
  2. ComradeJ (Co-Leader)
  3. EpaX (Co-Leader)
  4. MVP EdwardJ
  5. Muddapaka (Grunt who actually did stuff)
The 'Item' template automatically adds the category 'Guns Missing Stats' to pages which use the template without filling out the weapon stat parameters. In order to remove this category from gear and function item pages it is necessary to do some source editing... Project page. 3rd of May, 2013 (EST)

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