Leader Takedown

Created by: Momentum07 

This game mode has nearly all components of Elimination, though its improvements can be easily noticed. Matches end from the time limit, not kill total.

  • From seven, ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes can be chosen.
  • Each kill gives the team two points, while each suicide, self kill, object kill, and friendly kills (Friendly Fire is always on) would deduct two.
  • Each team has a leader, who is glowing red (like the Super Spy) and always blinking (like they just respawned) to be more "attractive" to the enemy team. Killed leaders results from a ten-point gain for the enemies, or vice versa. Friendly killing the leader would result in a five-point loss. The next person to respawn (aside from the most recent leader) would become the new team leader.
  • Leader automatically has the following: Scout Armor (speed of a Light Vest, but with protection of the Medium Vest), H&K 416 (Assault Rifle with stats of a M4A1, but with the power of a AK-74U, along with a ACOG TA1 Scope; 35 bullets per Magazine and four extra ones), Kimber ICQB (Pistol with Anaconda Black power, but with reduced recoil and semi automatic fire; 7-round Magazine and 2 extra), M9, and three M67 grenades (they need a fighting chance because they glow!).
  • After match ends, whichever team has the most points win. Plus, each leader kill counts as one mission point, adding to a player's experience and GP if they do take one down (most likely by Kill Stealing).

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