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This is a list of custom Warzones (Maps).


Created by: rcrally
More Info: DeathMount
An abandoned hideout of NEMEXIS now an Elimination map Just Released. Bridge and elevator connecting the 2 bases and a (hallway that dropped down onto the bravo base only accessible from the alpha base!) AND THERE IS BASES ON TOP OF THE BASES SNIPING SPOTS. Elevators are accessible from the top of both bases. Elevators are side by side 1 elevator will be at bravo then go to alpha the other will wait for a passenger.

Reap the Rewards

Created by: Tommygun9504
More Info: Reap the Rewards
Warcorp is using an Australian school area as an ammunition cache. The local resistance has been given a small amount of supplies by the UAF, but they need more. This map takes place in a school, situated on the side of a hill. There are more routes to the ammo caches than there are players on both teams, which makes for a somewhat stealthy and tactical approach. The map is about as big as Snow Valley, and takes place in an urban environment surrounded by grasslands. There are one, two and three floor classroom blocks, with flanking routes under some of the buildings. The second map for Hired Guns. Will also be released for OMA, Elimination (Alpha spawn at elevated football field, Bravo spawn at "Amphitheater". Spy Hunt will be on this map, with the uploader being at the "Outdoor Chapel" area in the uphill area. There are many stairs in this map, as well as many sniping locations and CQB areas. Map is rich with camping spots, while using a large number of flanking routes.


Created by: JAmester234
More Info: Overdose
Pretty much the same thing as the Combat arms trailer, where you have to journey into Lab 3, find the infected, then escape with vital information about the infected.

Hidden Hell

Created by: Tommygun9504
More Info: Hidden Hell
Your support squad gets separated from the main force and chased down an alley. Nemexis Security lock them in, knowing that on the other side will surely be their doom... In this map, you play as a UAF team that ends up in a cryogenic storage basement full of deadly, mutated and hungry Infected creatures. ENDING: With no ammo left, the UAF soldiers breach the door leading to the outside world and run for their lives, not knowing that they have unwittingly unleashed a plague of Infected into the populated city area. HARD REWARD: Liquid Nitrogen grenade, freezing players and impairing weapon aim and movement. EXTREME REWARD: Icebreaker Grenades. Grenades that explode into deadly ice fragments. On par with the M69HE Frags.

One Shot Kill

Created by: Unknown
More Info: One Shot Kill
Playing as Baron, use an M107CQ Air Force to eliminate Colonel Coleman! Help Codename Hawk fight the terrorists one-by-one till the perfect opportunity to strike arrives. When that time comes, you've only got one shot!

The Premise

Created by: Coraircate
More Info: The Premise
A mountainous building in some metal-filled dirt stands. It is several stories high, and inside is filled with stairways and tunnels to make this one of the most insane maps yet. You can also venture outside and hide behind rocks and mounds.

Infected Town

Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: Infected Town
A very large map that is slightly bigger than Snow Valley. Everywhere is kind of dark. Humans must find away to survive from those...things. If you die, you are now..undead. Run! The classification is Operation: INFECTION. This map takes place in an abandon city.


Created by: Coraircate
More Info: Gymnasium
The Gymnasium is a small map that allows you to venture into a courtyard, in a gymnasium, and around the gymnasium. You can even venture... into the bathrooms.


Created by: Momentum07
More Info: Elevation
One of the many pre-liberation tasks the UAF took was Operation: Elevation. Taking place in a seemingly clean and beautiful urban jungle, the strike forces must bring the fact that the city's corrupt government is going down.

Lockdown Fort

Created by: Coraircate
More Info: Lockdown Fort
This fort features many windows and stairwells. It seems dark and mysterious, maybe even... haunted?

Train Station

Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: Train Station
There were strange reports of a terrorist bombing in the subway. Unable to deal with it, the UAF were sent to investigate. Form here you have to find the threat.

Fort Crow

Created by: Coraircate
More Info: Fort Crow
A fort with a terrible layout which is great for preventing camping.

Nacht der Infizierten

Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: Nacht der Infizierten
Translated into Night of the Infected. This is based on the Call of Duty 5 Nazi zombie map called Nacht der Untoten. This map is available for Quarantine Mode and also Infestation Mode. However, you are not battling players. You fight 20 waves of CPU-controlled Infected. Classified as Operation: Infizierten.


Created by: Extreme133
More Info: Harvest
A large open wheat field/farm full of landmines and enemy snipers, watch your surroundings or suffer the fate of being pounced on by someone or something...


Created by: xNightmare
More Info: Abandonment
After the escaping of Cabin Fever, NEMEXIS officials ordered the evacuation of this residential area. Believing insurgents are keeping a sample of the stamina drug, the UAF is sending a squad to liberate the insurgents.

Back to School

Created by: xNightmare
More Info: Back to School
Terrorists are believed to have planted a bomb in the local college. Enter the campus, and disable the bomb.

Operation: Daybreak

Created by: WingZeroKai
More Info: Operation: Daybreak
Intelligence tells of an abandoned military factory that produced weapons of mass destruction has unofficially reopened. The UAF leads a raid that is to take place from dusk to dawn, which is when the facility is most vulnerable, as it needs to periodically shut down to avoid detection, dropping all defenses. Strike now.


Created by: arananathony
More Info: Yesterday
WarCorp has invaded the training grounds with attacks and bombs the training grounds are in ruins with many obstacles you fight war corp with team work going through the training grounds remains of obstacles and fight until you have known that you have vanquished the enemies from the place where it all started

My Friend Is Your Enemy

Created by: arananathony
More Info: My Friend Is Your Enemy

A base in Australia abandoned with intel left from the previous projects of the WarCorp which leads to the labs of NEMEXIS In Creedhill UK infiltrate it and take all remaining intel to find out what happened and watch out for NEMEXIS projects that guard the labs team work is KEY!


Created by: Omgwtflmfaorofl
More Info: Catacombs
One night, 9 months after the initial outbreak in LAB 3, AKA "Overdose", an Infected mysteriously manages to walk out of the facility and starts to create chaos in an urban city. The UAF quickly caught on and was able to terminate the Infected individual. The UAF was also able to trace back to where the Infected originally came from and eventually was able to deduce that it escaped from the LAB 3 facility, originally quarantined and shut down. The UAF decides to deploy and send in agents to move in and re-investigate the facility, eventually leading the agents to unravel a secret buried underneath the heart of LAB 3. The Catacombs. UAF agents discover failed experiments for the development of bio-weaponry such as the stamina kits, or in short, dead half-Infected or Infected within the eerie tombs of these specimen. UAF Agents are expected to clear out these traces of Infected once and for all. In the catacombs, is an area that is about as large as Grave Digger. There are two floors within this map and the environment is dark and sewer like. There are a lot of blood stains on the walls within the map and lying around in some corners of the map are dead Infected. There is practically no cover in this map such as crates, barrels, etc. besides taking cover behind a wall. The map is built with complex routes looking like a maze, but with no way out.(The way out is above the maze which is Overdose but that's off limits.) There is no beginning of the map or end of the map, just routes leading down to other routes, so there is flanking and that gives the kind of somewhat scary and adrenaline pumping element where you have no idea who is going to pop out of the corner and where he will appear. As for the 2 floors, the first floor is directly below Overdose and the second is below the 1st floor. The map will be released for Quarantine, mainly for the people who like to freerun (No cover and hiding once again as a reminder), Elimination, Elimination Pro,One Man Army, and Last One Standing.

Schools Out

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: Schools Out
This takes place in Brookyln, NY(College)
Only Mode to allowed: Quarantine, Elimination,or Pro, Search and Destroy, and Spy Hunt

Play Ball

Created by: StarWarsFan9988
More Info: Play Ball

The map is a baseball stadium during the middle of the night. The huge lights on top are turned on, but all the other lights are off. All guns will get a flashlight attachment that can be turned on or off by pressing "L". The players would have access to the entire stadium, including the "employees only" section. Alpha Team spawns in a hallway on the first level behind the center field fence. Bravo Team spawns in a hallway behind home plate in the first level.

Myth Labs

Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: Myth Labs
An aboned drug lab used by Nemexis,possibly used to help fund their war effort. This lab was used in both drug trafficking and the testing of the drug,which infects people. It is also a site of a weapons manufacturing plant.In this map, there is a mythed weapon storage in which weapons that were thought to be in the game are.Weapons like the M419 Combat CQB SE CAMO Black Mod LE.Also features two new pistols,the USP Eagle 44 Magnum, and the Magnum Eagle 18 Mod,a fully automatic Desert Eagle with an extended clip. These weapons use times depends on the game mode you select.Fireteam and Quarantine will allow you more time to use them,while elimination and elimination pro will allow less time.As always,good luck with your survival.

Searing Flames

Created by: Reszek
More Info: Searing Flames
Fireteam, Elimination, SND, and OMA map. There will be fighter jets and helicopters flying in the sky in the middle of San Francisco. Enemies will be a rogue PMC (Fireteam only). You can control a stealth UAV equipped with a railgun, minigun, rockets, missiles, bombs, and rockets(also Fireteam only). Very large map that can support all types of gameplay.


This is a list of custom Game Modes.


Created by: TunaliChao
More Info: Defense!
Build barricades and defend the spy. This mode may be played at its own map, Power Surge, Junk Flea, Sand Hog, and Warhead.

Santa and his brother

Created by: Trainreqx2
More Info: Santa and his brother
This game mode available only the week before, and the week after Christmas gives immense amounts of exp and gp, and will give a gift of 1k nx for each game won, can only be played 5 times a day. The game starts with 8 players on each team. Alpha are Santa's Evil twin brother's elves, and Bravo are Santa's elves. One player from each team will be chosen to be the Santa, or the brother, for each round. The player who is chosen, can pick one of five items, Rudolph's red nose(+50 Speed and +15 Sprint stamina), Santa's beard(+45%attack), Santa's suit(+50% Armor), Santa's Glasses(gives every one of the Santa's gun a scope that has the same magnification as a sniper scope), or Santa's bag of guns(gives the Santa a random, very powerful weapon. The point of the game, is for Bravo to collect all of the gifts and bring them back to their tree, and for Alpha to steal all the gifts from Bravo's tree. Each round is 3 minutes, and there are 2 ways to win:1.To collect all the gifts and bring them back to your teams tree;2.For the timer to run out, in that case, the team with the most gifts in their tree wins. There is also a sleigh, which only the elves can board. It is driveable by any elf form that team, and can be destroyed, if it is, everyone riding it will die. Only playable in the map: Christmastime


Created by: FlyingRaptor
More Info: Anti-Virus
The story:A Civil war between the infection, (either a mutated virus or a anti-virus created). One red, one Green. Starts like a regular Quarantine, two players become infected, Humans try to survive while the opposing infected try to turn all members in the room their color in 3 minutes.
If a human is infected he/she has 10 seconds to use an anti-virus, (black market or GP) it can also be used on an infected to freeze them/disorientate them for a short amount of time.

Killing Spree

Created by: Trainreqx2
More Info: Killing Spree
Players start out with only their hands, and are able to punch(right click) and kick(left click).After the initial 30 seconds, random weapons will start falling out of the sky in crates.Any kills during the initial 30 seconds will be doubled. Any weapons available to be bought in the shop, will be dropped, and randomized modifications will be added. Crates will also drop health and ammunition. There are no teams in this game.

Grenade Party

Created by: Coraircate
More Info: Grenade Party
Players have access only to support weapons and melee weapons. This makes for chaotic matches.

30 Seconds of Pain

Created by: Coraircate
More Info: 30 Seconds of Pain
The Room Master sets the amount of rounds, and then players rush out with only 1 HP to try to score kills in 30 seconds. Respawn takes half the time and you always respawn with 1 HP and only one second of invincibility. The team with the most kills wins the round, and the team with the most rounds wins the game.

The Plague

Created by: Coraircate
More Info: The Plague
One man stands alone on Alpha, with boosted abilities, and must try to take down the enemies with them. Once defeated, they respawn on his team. Will he die, or will he form an army and take a stand. In this mode, no explosives are allowed, and all barrels are removed to prevent self-initiated suicide.

Flag Keeper

Created by: Coraircate
More Info: Flag Keeper
Alpha and Bravo go head to head in a contest to claim the flag and cause the enemy to time out.

Leader Takedown

Created by: Momentum07
More Info: Leader Takedown
This game mode has nearly all components of Elimination, though its improvements can be easily noticed. Matches end from the time limit, not kill total. Each team has a leader, who is glowing red (like the Super Spy) and always blinking (like they just respawned) to be more "attractive" to the enemy team. Killed leaders results from a ten-point gain for the enemies, or vice versa. Friendly killing the leader would result in a five-point loss. The next person to respawn (aside from the most recent leader) would become the new team leader.


Created by: Greennave
More Info: Infiltration
Infiltrate the Enemies base and collect the Supply Cases, Take them back to your base and protect it from your enemy, Bravo Team. Once you pickup a case, you can use the weapon inside it.

Rocket Fight

Created by: Greennave
More Info: Rocket Fight
Everyone starts with a LAW.


Created by: Dogboy10
More Info: Assault
One team is spawned inside a base, trying to protect it while the other team is spawned outside of it as their team tries to destroy the base by achieving a series of tasks to advance their mission, once the first task is completed, a new level of the base will open and the attacking team must complete a new task in order to progress the game, as the tasks are completed, the defending teams spawns are moved back/changing accordingly. The defending team will also have access to mounted weapons perhaps? While the attacking team is given vehicles.


Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: Infestation
This mission will only work for the war zone Infected Town. There will be two teams: One human team, the other is the Infected team. The Humans will spawn in in a house with lots of protection. Their main objective is to reach to the shore, where a boat will pick you up. But watch out, infected are spawned anywhere in the map. note that when a human dies, they are forced to change teams (and not that you can't change from zombie to human when you switch or die). You will have about 20 minutes to survive. Take note that zombies only have knives and they have a greenish color skin. They are weak and can be killed very easily. Humans have a tough armor and defense. They even will have a high amount of health. But there can only be 2-6 survivors, depending on what the host does. Survive!

Sign of Allegiance

Created by: Coraircate
More Info: Sign of Allegiance
Players spawn anywhere on the map, and they are alone. They have three medals with their sign of allegiance on them. When they are killed, they drop one of them, and the medal is free game. Once picked up, the player who receives it adds it to their count. This continues, and when you lose all of your medals, you do not respawn.


Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: Blacksmith
There is no objective to this game mode. You make and create the map. Select a scene (any map: Sand Hog, Warhead, Waverider, etc.). You can remove the objects in the map and put anything in the map. Well, almost anything. Use your imagination. Have fun.

Hide and Seek

Created by: SeaCrane_1
More Info: Hide and Seek
In essence, the game's name says it all. This would take place on a map with a lot of hiding spots, like Gray Hammer. There is one player on Alpha with guns. All the players on Bravo have only Melee weapons. The player on Alpha has to find and kill all members of Bravo team. Simple as that!


Created by: Teh companion box
More Info: Assassin
One player is randomly selected to be on Alpha,while the others are all on Bravo. The person on Alpha is armed with a one-hit kill knife that looks exactly like a KA-BAR knife, and a gun with 8 tranquilizer darts. The tranquilizer gun holds all the darts at once and loading a new dart takes about the time it takes to pump a m590. If hit by a dart, the person who is hit will have their screen go black for 5 seconds. It does no damage and is meant to be a means of escape. This game can only be played on smaller maps due to issues finding the Assassin on larger maps like Snow Valley. The objective of the Assassin is to kill all the Bravo team members. There are 5 Bravo team members at most.They are also equipped with a radar showing their team members, so if one dot disappears, they will know generally where to find the Assassin, who is dressed in all black. If the Assassin fails to kill all Bravo team members within 3-5 minutes(room leader decides) or if the Assassin is killed, the Assassin loses. As a final feature to help balance it, the Assassin is given 300 hp and a 10% speed boost. No matter what vest the player that is the Assassin has equipped, for the match it will be Medium Vest protection. Finally,this game mode does not give EXP or GP and does not count toward EXP and GP bonus pass uses.

Sniper Fi

Created by: arananathony
More Info: Sniper Fi
after many WarCorp bombings a city is split in half there are many buildings and houses you hide in them and try to take the other team out


Created by: arananathony
basic juggernaut game mode 1 is randomly selected to be the juggeraut(+100 all purpose protection,+5speed,+1000 ap) kill the jugg to be the jugg

Tower Rush

Created by: Omgwtflmfaorofl
More Info: Tower Rush
In this mode, one game consists of 4, 7, or 11 rounds where one player is randomly selected each round to be the "Assassin". Once a player is selected to be an Assassin, the objective of the rest of the players is to rush through a course filled with various obstacles and get to the sniper tower, where there will be a switch to activate the door leading to the next sector, where there is another sniper tower in which the Assassin is transported to by a walkway that leads to the next tower. The next door that leads to the next sector will only open for the rushers when the Assassin arrives at the next tower, but the Assassin will automatically die if he doesn't get to the next tower in time. An ample amount of time will be given for the Assassin to get to the next tower before he dies though. In the next sector, there are more obstacles, only different from the previous sector. There are 4 sectors in total and in the last sector, you must rush through the obstacles and get to the last sniper tower to plant a bomb where the Assassin dwells, and destroy the tower, defeating the Assassin. As well as going through the obstacle course, you must avoid getting sniped by the Assassin. If you do happen to get hit and die as a result, you must wait until the next round begins. As for the Assassin's role, you must try and shoot down all soldiers in the course until all are dead to win. You are automatically given a TPG-1 by default if you do not have a sniper of your own equipped in your backpack. If you do, then you will be using that sniper rifle to play the game. The time limit of the whole game is 5 minutes if the soldiers cannot make it to the last tower and plant the bomb successfully, then the Assassin will win by default and the obstacle course will explode due to timed land mines and all soldiers will be killed as a result.

Hunger Games

Created by: Reszek
More Info: Hunger Games
Gamemode based off of the hunger games trilogy. Everybody starts at a point with only a knife in the map, there will be a stash of weapons that you can steal from. The catch: you have to fight the other players to get the stash of guns. Only playable in very large maps such as Battle at City Center and Deadly Dunes along with 16 players.


These are "very exclusive" Mercenaries. Because they don't yet exist.

Grim Reaper

Created by: AliBaba51341
More Info: Grim Reaper
A deadly killer chosen by the U.A.F. to take out high ranked Warcorp Agents.
Primary: G36E, M4A1, AK47, L96A1, and UMP
Secondary: Desert Eagle
Melee: Halloween Sickle
Support: Dynamite HE
Head: Skull Helmet
Face: Skull Mask
Uniform: Default A.K.A. Ghille
Vest: Tactical Vest (+15 Protection and +5 Speed) Similar to Assault Vest but the sleeves are rolled up all the way.


Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: Titan
A flawed bio-engineered being. After the second Stamina Kit was created by nanotechnology, NEMEXIS decided to use this on a soldier, hoping the super-soldier would destroy all the infected. However, the soldier discovered he was twice as big than an ordinary soldier and his skin was oddly discolored. The soldier proceeded to be aggressive. He refused treatment. At last, he broke out of his chamber and proceeded to wreck havoc infecting many soldiers and spreading the infection. UAF troops attempted to track it down, only to meet Global Risk (from Crossfire) who were also in pursuit with the infected. Together, they joined forces to get rid of what NEMEXIS did. (This merc can only be used in Quarantine Regen)
Gender: Male (Gigantic muscular build, green skin and eyes, has a few spikes around his body)
Weapons: His [large] Fists

Project: H4des Version 1.0 (Hades Prototype)

Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: Project: H4des Version 1.0 (Hades Prototype)
A new breed of Mercenaries; genetically bio-engineered super-soldier. H4des is the first successful super-soldier ever created. However, he is only the prototype form of Project Hades (who was created a week later). Codenamed: H4des, Immune to Infection, regenerates 3 HP every 10 seconds.
Gender: Male (Gray eyes, black metro hairstyle, wearing a helmet, goggles, and a balaclava)
Vest: Utility Vest (Protection +15%, Speed +5%)
Primary: MP5A3 (Originally Hades Rifle but was given to Hades)
Secondary: Five-Seven Pistol
Melee: Dual M9 Knives
Grenade: M69 HE Frag
Specialist: M32 Grenade Launcher


Created by: Radioactive Zombie
More Info: al-Asad
After the UAF was through thrashing Sand Hog, what few veterans that survived the slaughter were approached by Warcorp. al-Asad here isn't like the other Sand Hog survivors - he claims to have taken on whole battalions of Russians when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan a long while ago. Given his psychological profile, he's probably lying. But given his abilities... probably he's exaggerating a wee bit.
Gender: Male. Wearing an old, rusted K6-3 Russian helmet. (Look it up.) Wears a shemagh around his neck, too, just for that stereotypical Middle Eastern look.
Vest: Utility Vest (Protection +15%, Speed +5%)
Primary: AK-103
Secondary: Desert Eagle.
Melee: A Kukri.
Grenade: M69 HE Frag.
Specialist: Flamethrower.


Created by: Radioactive Zombie
More Info: James
Despite all rumors, NOT from Warcorp. No one's seen him underneath that customized EOD suit or helmet, so, predictably, rumors range from him actually being a girl to being a horribly disfigured mutant tend to run rampant amongst UAF grunts. For all that protection, it makes him walk very slowly.
Gender: Male... you think. He never speaks. Wearing a heavily customized EOD suit, made to protect against bullets, in addition to bombs.
Vest: Bomb vest (100% headshot protection the first time. All other headshots may have a 50% chance of being stopped. Anyway, 40% protection, but 50% less mobility. Player can only sprint for seven seconds.)
Primary: Customized M249.
Secondary: ...What's a secondary?
Melee: Uh... my fists?
Grenade: Get that thing away from me.
Specialist: None.

Codename: Ghost

Created by: Radioactive Zombie
More Info: Codename: Ghost
One of the UAF's elite... special... thingies. Unsurprisingly, his file's been wiped, but higher ranking officers know he used to be in the Rangers, then Delta, then went to the SEALs. Apparently because he was bored. Then he got drop kicked into the UAF. Just be thankful he's on your side.
Gender: Male. Wears a helmet similar to the Force Recon Helmet, but cooler, with a visor, and covering more of the forehead and jaw. Also has a spiffy set of HUD glasses.
Vest: Tanker vest.
Primary: XM8
Secondary: A customized M1911 MEU. Hold ten rounds automatically, and does damage on par with the Desert Eagle while retaining accuracy. And, of course, getting called a noob over and over by angry players.
Melee: M11 Tactical Knife. You're not really intent on using it, are you?
Grenade: Standard frags.
Specialist: Satellite Scanner.

Codename: Raven

Created by: Radioactive Zombie
More Info: Codename: Raven
Another one of UAF's special... whatever the Hell those guys are, don't ask me. This one's culled from the JGSDF. Unsurprisingly, also a ninja, because, apparently, Japan has a special force of ninja whenever terrorists are running around the world in need of a spanking. Who knew?
Gender: Male. Wears a full-body combat suit, which vaguely looks like
this. Blatant copyright infringement? You bet your bottom, but since these ideas aren't going to get implemented, why stop there?
Vest: Tanker vest protection, and 15% more speed. The problem is he's got only about five seconds of sprint time, for some reason.
Primary: P90TR SE
Secondary: Anaconda Black 8-inch.
Melee: Ninjato.
Grenade: Standard frags.
Specialist: Airstrike Designator - LGB.
Admin's note: This was here before her!!!

Codename: Specter

Created by: Radioactive Zombie
More Info: Codename: Specter
UAF's elite whatever, is British, came from the SAS, looks cool, yadda yadda. Chop chop, boys.
Gender: Male. Wears something resembling this.
Vest: Light vest.
Primary: M2000 Ghillie.
Secondary: Desert Eagle.
Melee: M11 Tactical Knife.
Grenade: Standard frags.
Specialist: Auto-Turret, for all your camping needs.

Jim Patterson

Created by: Radioactive Zombie
More Info: Jim Patterson
Normally a World War Two historian during the day. At night, he blows terrorists away dressed in his grandfather's old United Kingdom GI fatigues. When it's not a hideous mish-mash of various World War Two era gear.
Gender: Male.
Vest: Light vest.
Primary: Carries two, actually. One's a BAR - damaging, accurate, powerful... if not for the fact it doesn't have a scope and has a measly 20-round magazine that tends to run out faster than normal. The others a classic M1928 Tommy gun, drum magazine and all. Like a cross between the Kriss and the Bizon, but even with the fore-grip, it kicks up a lot of recoil and can't have any sights.
Melee: G.I. Shovel.
Grenade: Standard frags.
Specialist: What's a good WWII fanatic without his trusty FLAMETHROWER?!

Codename: Crow

Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: Codename: Crow
A silent, balaclava-wearing, soldier. Why he is silent we don't know. What we do know is that he is the only survivor of a gruesome ambush.Since then, he has been using non-lethal force in the battlefield.
Gender: Male.
Vest: Light vest.
Primary: M416
Secondary: M92FS
Melee: Taser
Grenade: Smoke grenades.
Specialist: M32 Smoke


Created by: arananathony
More Info: Ghost
A former shadow company spy that has deadly skills he abandoned the shadow company to join with the UAF forces but the most the UAF has intel on him that he has skills and no more info because he had erased all of the past and is no refereed as ghost wears:A skull balaclava a simple recon vest and uses hiss personal modded t-2 and his modded m200 and a simple knife

Project NEMEXIS Subject:Hades

Created by: arananathony
More Info: Project NEMEXIS Subject:Hades
with NEMEXIS new med kits they must first test but only 1 they tested it on Bruce H. A.K.A Hades a man who was abducted and a ex Russian Spetsnaz at first test when the medkit was injected in him his physical look changes with bigger muscles and unknown rage he was named Hades after imprisoned in a secret lab for testing he is rescued by UAF intel and joins the UAF for revenge. WEAPONS:custom ak47


Created by: arananathony
More Info: Noble
There's more to him then how his name describes him Noble is an ex CIA agent gone AWOL he left to join WarCorp with his long lost friend Baron to take out UAF forces after a Untrue rumor that says his family was killed by the UAF but now lost in what he should do he chose Revenge everytime he fights a UAF his aggresive behavior gets more aggressive weapons :M60 steel pipe Magnum Mortars(hand thrown)

The 'MVP'

Created by: MVP EdwardJ
More Info: The 'MVP'
The MVP is considered one of the most dangerous Mercenaries up for hire. Aside from being the the fastest, slimmest and a "Jack-Of-All-Trades", the MVP is definitely a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Some people call him 'a reckless idiot who rushes', the enemy calls him the small glint in the distance before they lose the ability to speak...forever. His silent footsteps, even when sprinting poses as a deadly threat to the enemy as they would not see him coming before it is too late. His ability to detect enemy equipment (explosives, remote detonation explosives, mines and scramblers) positions gives him a clear advantage on the battlefield as he can easily avoid threats while keeping a safe distance from explosives. He has the ability to be camouflaged in any environment and can adapt to any condition.
Able to equip multiple perks of the same tier
Restrictions: Head, Face, Vest, Camo, Backpack, Perks
Head: Custom Cyclops Bandana +10 Speed +20% Stamina
Face: Skull/Crossbones Bandana and face paint (changes with surroundings) +5 Speed, +20% Stamina, 100% Flash Protection
Vest: Hybrid Recon/Assault Vest +35% Protection +20% Speed
Camouflage: Changes depending on the environment
Backpack: +3 Slot +3 Perk 50% more Ammo, Able to 'scavenge' ammo supplied from dead soldiers
Tier 1 Perk: Sleight of Hand Pro: Faster Reloading and Swap weapons faster
Tier 2 Perk: Quickdraw Pro: Aim faster, recover from equipment use faster
Tier 3 Perk: Stalker Pro: Move faster when aiming, delay the detonation of motion triggered explosives.
Secondary Perks
Tier 1: Extreme Conditioning Sprint for a longer duration and climb obstacles faster
Tier 2 Perk: Assassin Pro Undetectable via Heartbeat Sensor and Satellite Scanner. No red name or red crosshair when targeted. Reduced flinch when hit. Able to identify targets at longer distance. Unable to be tagged by explosives or bullets.
Tier 3 Perk: Dead Silence Pro: No falling damage, silent footsteps, shots fired are invisible to the radar.


Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: Wizard
A Kamen Rider whose past and intentions are currently unknown, but currently seeks something NEMEXIS stole from him.

Osama Bin Laden

Created by: Omgwtflmfaorofl
More Info: Osama Bin Laden
Once an infamous terrorist who was accused to be the mastermind behind one of the biggest terrorist attacks on Earth. He faked his own death and moved to Somalia and crowned himself as the leader of the Sand Hog terrorists. Forced to step down and keep a lower profile, he now spends his days devising plans to take back what once belonged to him: His power.
Primary Weapon(s): Gold Plated AK-47, RPG-7
Secondary Weapon(s): Desert Eagle Gold
Melee Weapon(s): UMSC KA BAR
Support Weapon(s): M18 Smoke Grenade (Gotta make them escapes ya know)
Vest: Recon Vest
Uniform: WingZeroKai's Stealth Vest (No wonder why we couldn't track him down for the last 11 years!)

The Replacement Killer: Scarecrow

Created by: MVP EdwardJ
More Info: The Replacement Killer: Scarecrow
The MVP decided to replace his current crew of mercenaries, and hired new recruits to be put on the front line.

Tanta (Female Mech)

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: Tanta (Female Mech)
Vest: Light Vest
Main Weapon: FAMAS G2

Codename: Mustang(Spec)

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: Codename: Mustang(Spec)
Vest:Medium Vest
Main Weapon:UMP-45


Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: Cranchi(Assassin)
Vest:Medium Vest
Main Weapon:Kriss SpecOps

The Replacement Killer: Worm

Created by: MVP EdwardJ
More Info: The Replacement Killer: Worm
The MVP decided to replace his current crew of mercenaries, and hired new recruits to be put on the front line.

The Replacement Killer: Frost

Created by: MVP EdwardJ
More Info: The Replacement Killer: Frost
The MVP decided to replace his current crew of mercenaries, and hired new recruits to be put on the front line.

The Terminator (Series 101)

Created by: StarWarsFan9988
More Info: The Terminator (Series 101)
A Terminator. STATS: HP: +1000% Sprint Stamina: -25% Speed: -25%

Due to the fact that he may be considered overpowered, anyone using this mercenary must use only a pistol and a shotgun.

The Terminator (series 1000)

Created by: StarWarsFan9988
More Info: The Terminator (series 1000)
Another Terminator. Sprint Stamina: -40% Speed: -40% All his other stats are the same as the Super Spy's. Due to the fact that he may seem overpowered, he can only use a pistol that comes with no ammunition in reserve and his arm-sword.

Codename: Eagle

Created by: StarWarsFan9988
More Info: Codename: Eagle
Eagle is a female specialist. She is 26 years old, short, has dark brown hair, and tan skin. She wears a vest very similar to Scorpion's, but with +20% damage protection, +35% headshot protection, and no change in the speed. It looks like a combination of Raven's and Viper's vests.
Primary: Dual M4A1 SOPMODs with red camo to represent the blood of enemies killed by it(epic weapon)
Secondary: Five-Seven SE (has an S3 suppressor, but no damage dropoff)
Melee: Bowie Knife
Support: M67 Frag Pack

Codename: Nova

Created by: LunarWing
More Info: Codename: Nova
Hailing from the Nova Corps ranked as a Centurion, Nova is a man who is quick on his feet and very quick in the air. Utilizing his flight capabilities, he can jump higher than any normal soldier. He charges his weapons with solar energy in order to make them stronger and more efficient.

Primary Weapon: The Centurion

Secondary Weapon: Who needs those?

Melee weapon: His hands

Headgear: Nova's Helmet

Facegear: Not available

Vest: Nova's Bodysuit

Backpack: Not available

Special Buffs: Any weapon he holds gains a damage boost of 20%. Bullet tracers are easily spotted. Bullets travel longer making the time to hit the target -1 second. Can jump 20% higher than a normal mercenary.


This is a list of custom Vests.

Zero Vest

Created by: ZeroExalted
More Info: Zero Vest
A highly advanced vest designed to allow maximum speed with optimal protection. You may not even know you're wearing it. (+20% Speed, 13% Stamina, 5% Jump, and Balanced/Heavy/Spy-Vest protection.) However, disadvantages include increased sensitivity and lack of balance (-5% accuracy, -5% reflex time, +10% recoil,)

Dragon Skin

Created by: WingZeroKai
More Info: Dragon Skin
A recently developed vest that is unlike any other vest before it. It offers protection that is almost comparable to steel plating.

Oni Armor

Created by: ZeroSaga
More Info: Oni Armor
An advanced futuristic and prototype armor that is used by Gilman Security after the police in Japan seized in their Tokyo HQ. Equipped with advanced plating that gives its wearer the abilities to survive more bullets and extra strength. Covers the whole body with silver armor and will disallow the use of any type of camouflage. Allows wearer to use specialist items without using a spec. No gear allowed except the Gilman Helmet to use the below effect and put a second weapon on you back.

Rainbow Riot Vest

Created by: ZeroSaga
More Info: Rainbow Riot Vest
A slightly upgraded version of the standard riot vest that looks cooler and is used by Rainbow operatives. Disallows use of Camouflage.


This is a list of custom Camouflage.

Colour-changing Camo

Created by: Blazingchaos
More Info: Colour-changing Camo
A Camo that roughly blends in with the background. Good in all situations.

Custom Camo

Created by: ZeroExalted
More Info: Custom Camo
A highly popular blend of two of your favorite color embellishing. Only featured colors can be used.

Stealth Camo

Created by: WingZeroKai
More Info: Stealth Camo
While not an actual uniform, it is a device that renders users invisible to the naked eye.

Active Camo

Created by: WingZeroKai
More Info: Active Camo
A highly advanced uniform that actively changes its color pattern to match the wearer's surroundings.

Naval Camo

Created by: Tommygun9504
More Info: Naval Camo
Based upon the DPNU (Disruptive Pattern Naval Uniform) worn by the Royal Australian Navy.

Desert Night Camouflage DNC

Created by: RevisedCQB
More Info: Desert Night Camouflage DNC
Used in Special Operations or Night Raids in the Gulf War.This camouflage is very unique and cannot be detected by Night Vision Devices (NVDs) This camouflage is purchasable at the rank of CSM 1 for 9,500 gp for 30 days.While wearing this camouflage you may not be detected by Satellite Scanners to make all the specialists mad.


Created by: LunarWing
More Info: Octo-Camo
A camo that can camouflage against roughly any color or pattern. Activates only if the camo makes contact with a solid surface while someone is wearing it.


This is a list of Gear that can include Headgear, Facial Gear, Backpacks, Ear-wear, Decorations, Banners, other items.


Created by: ZeroExalted
More Info: Greatsword
A heavy blade that provides protection, but may encumber you down. +4 Slots, +10% protection, -10% Speed.


Created by: WingZeroKai
More Info: Exoskeleton
A highly advanced mechanized suit that a user wears. Drastically increases combat performance. +45 Sprint Speed, +20 Jump Height and Distance, -60 Recoil.

PAS=power assault suit

Created by: arananathony
More Info: PAS=power assault suit
a high tech suit from NEMEXIS with enhanced power with the abilities 100x a Olympic champion and far greater then a spartan +5 speed +10 all purpose protect +5 hs protect +3 how high you jump

Anti-Fog Goggles

Created by: EpaX
More Info: Anti-Fog Goggles
A set of high-tech goggles that clears all fog from the user's view, powerful enough to allow him/her to see the facial features of the enemy from the opposite end of the cliff in Hallow Ravine. However, the high-sensor technology of these goggles render the user extremely vulnerable to Flash Grenades. +100% Fog Protection, -60% Flash Protection.

Snapback Hat

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: Snapback Hat

Oni Helmet

Created by: ZeroSaga
More Info: Oni Helmet
In terms of cosmetic, it resembles the FutureX All-weather Helmet, except it is silver and has a pair of yellow visors attached to the empty part. Gives headshot protection, increase in sprint stamina, and speed.

Riot Helmet

Created by: ZeroSaga
More Info: Riot Helmet
A "The Peacekeeper" in black used by Rainbow that covers your mouth. Also allows you to survive one headshot once.



This is a very, very long list of custom weaponry.


Created by: Unknown
More Info: Stinger
Lock onto your foes with a big punch! Lock onto buildings, air strikes and hit bullets! Aim at a gun and if the character is lucky enough, he will survive but his gun will break apart.

Light Saber

Created by: Unknown
More Info: Light Saber
like in star wars. when u pull it out, it should have a cool animation where you turn it on. and there should be a ability where it can whirl really fast like a dervish and block/deflect/reflect bullets.

Ballistic Knife

Created by: NosebleedDanger101
More Info: Ballistic Knife
a knife with an alternate fire that launches the blade towards an enemy. primary fire is 2 horizontal slashes.

PSG-1 Black Carbon

Created by: Unknown
More Info: PSG-1 Black Carbon
A PSG-1 with a carbon black paint scheme, with a dual scope and increased fire rate

Expandable Baton

Created by: Momentum07
More Info: Expandable Baton
A very light Melee weapon that uses blunt but lengthy and fast strikes.

FN F2000

Created by: Tagg3r
More Info: FN F2000
A Belgian-made bull-pup assault rifle with an integrated scope with slightly lower zoom than the G36. It has lower damage, but it also has great accuracy and fire speed. Its reload is also faster than other rifles.

Shock Baton

Created by: Momentum07
More Info: Shock Baton
A Melee weapon that "shocks" players when struck, causing the victim to lose HP for a short period of time while having their screen flash blue (similar to the Gas or Fire grenades).


Created by: Tagg3r
More Info: QBZ-95
The QBZ is a Chinese bull-pup assault rifle that features burst fire, a thirty round mag, and decent accuracy.

Flame Rocket

Created by: Greennave
More Info: Flame Rocket
Just like a law, except on impact, release a flame.

Throwable M9

Created by: Greennave
More Info: Throwable M9
Just like M9, except secondary attack if you hold down for three seconds, it throws the knife, unlimited knives.


Created by: Momentum07
More Info: B&T MP9
A compact Sub-Machine Gun similar to the UZI, but is compact enough to be in the Secondary Weapon Category.

Type 98 M3 HMG

Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: Type 98 M3 HMG
A type of chain gun that looks similar to the Super Spy's Minigun. It has a total of 1000 bullets and with 1000 extra rounds. Even though it is a strong weapon, it may overheat if you hold the trigger too long. Does 30 per round in the chest


Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: RPG-21
A type of rocket launcher that has a homing missile. It even fires two missiles at once! But of course, it's seriously heavy. Does 122 damage on impact.

M-14 0 MOD EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle)

Created by: Dogboy10
More Info: M-14 0 MOD EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle)
The M14 EBR is a variant of the M14, chambered with the 7.62 designed to carry out marksmanship missions while still exceeding in CQB engagements. It is more compact than the M14, and features A Rail Attachment system. The weapon can be fitted with reflex sights, or scopes. It also features a fore-grip. (This gun is real)


Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: FN0GL SCAR
This weapon is a grenade launcher variant of the SCAR-L.

L96 Bounty Hunter

Created by: Teh companion box
More Info: L96 Bounty Hunter
A variant of the L96, modified by bounty hunters due to inconveniences with the original L96. The body of the gun is silver, and the barrel has been somewhat modified to allow slightly more accuracy. The scope has also been replaced with a scope with 3 lines forming a black "T" in the bottom half of it. in the center area of the T uses a thinner as to show where to use as the aiming guide. Some of the parts have been replaced with lighter materials to allow more portability. It can be bought in the Cash Shop for 200 NX more than the L96 Arctic Wolf.

Hades Rifle

Created by: ZeroExalted
More Info: Hades Rifle
The Halcyon Anti-Matter Devastator ES is an experimental fusion weapon. It is capable of firing in single, burst, and fully-automatic, and it comes with a pre-attached sniper scope. (Three levels of magnification) Ammo must be purchased separately; can be equipped with 7.64M, Laser, and Explosive rounds.
(With its dead-aim accuracy, semi-light portability, and powerful damage, it has dual use as an Assault weapon (AR or SR), as well as an Explosive projectile. Cannot be used in Fireteam.)

Airstrike Designator - Zeus Cannon

Created by: ZeroExalted
More Info: Airstrike Designator - Zeus Cannon
A remotely-guided beacon that can be used to activate an experimental laser within orbit; it can be called upon to bring down a storm of deadly rays onto a designated area. (blinding and slowly burning out anything in the blast vicinity) Specialist Item; Cannot be used in Fireteam.

(NMXS)-Bioweapon VI

Created by: ZeroExalted
More Info: (NMXS)-Bioweapon VI
A mass-produced prototype of NEMEXIS's highly-contagious mutagen, all contained within a reinforced canister. Affects ALL within radius (regardless of FF). Infection rate 99.7%.

(NMXS) Anti-Viral 7331

Created by: ZeroExalted
More Info: (NMXS) Anti-Viral 7331
An experimental serum designed to combat the Infection; Derived from the original Medkit, this prototype offers a temporary physical boost as well.
Resistance to Infection +70% chance of succeeding.
+50 HP
+2 Jump


Created by: xNightmare
More Info: Fork
Your basic eating utensil

M24 Assassin

Created by: teh companion box
More Info: M24 Assassin
A weapon modified in favor of covert assassins, it comes with an integrated S2 suppressor, has a new carbon black barrel, a retooled bolt(slightly faster cocking), and a steadier scope.

Baseball Bat

Created by: WingZeroKai
More Info: Baseball Bat
America's favorite pastime turned deadly.

Artillery Strike Designator- Mortar

Created by: WingZeroKai
More Info: Artillery Strike Designator- Mortar
Use this device to call in an artillery strike by mortar. Comes in 3 varieties.

Artillery Strike Designator- Howitzer Cannon

Created by: WingZeroKai
More Info: Artillery Strike Designator- Howitzer Cannon
Call forth the round fired from the mighty Howitzer cannon.

Airstrike Designator- Precision Strike

Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: Airstrike Designator- Precision Strike
Call in a B2-Spirit bomber to the field of battle. Watch the fireworks as multiple bombs are dropped into the area, completely obliterating the enemy.


Created by: xNightmare
More Info: AO-60
A new assault rifle straight from Area 51. Features an attached foregrip with AK-47 rounds while having M4A1 recoil.

Power Strip

Created by: xNightmare
More Info: Power Strip
Taking it to a whole new level. Can shock enemies.


Created by: WingZeroKai
More Info: M26 MASS
Under-barrel bolt action shotgun designed as a replacement for the Masterkey.


Created by: extreme133
More Info: Katana
a Japanese sword known for it's sharp blade and craftsmanship, it is now available in the hands of a soldier to cut any enemy in half


Created by: Radioactive Zombie
More Info: XM8
What was to be the standard US military gun, if not for the brass suddenly deciding that blowing several million on a gun because the barrel melts sometimes was a bad idea. Now it's in your hands. Similar to a G36E, with a built in scope, but has lower recoil and somewhat higher damage.

Vladas Machine Pistol

Created by: Lithuania SSR
More Info: Vladas Machine Pistol
A Lithuanian Machine Pistol

Colt Single Action Army (SAA)

Created by: Nerfman221
More Info: Colt Single Action Army (SAA)
A single action revolver that is similar to the Anaconda, but not the same as.

FN Five-seveN

Created by: Extreme133
More Info: FN Five-seveN
A powerful armor piercing pistol, about the same size as an USP while having a much better damage rating, though not as powerful compared to the Deagle and Anaconda variants.

M203 SAL (Stand-Alone Launcher)

Created by: WingZeroKai
More Info: M203 SAL (Stand-Alone Launcher)
An M203 modified with an adapter allowing it to be used without a rifle. Comes with 1 grenade. Has moderately long range, mediocre accuracy and a bit long reloads with medium damage.

M79 (Thumper)

Created by: WingZeroKai
More Info: M79 (Thumper)
Almost everything the same as the M203 SAL stats wise, but has a little less accuracy with a slightly faster reload. Comes with 2 grenades.


Created by: WingZeroKai
More Info: M320
A new generation grenade launcher able to be used by itself or mounted on a rifles. Comes with two grenades, has a laser range finder (like the ACOG TA1), has increased accuracy from the M203 and has a faster reload and more portability.

SRS (Stealth Recon Scout)

Created by: Gumgum511
More Info: SRS (Stealth Recon Scout)
The SRS is a sniper rifle that has possible the greatest portability of any other sniper rifle. With a bull-pup, bolt-action design, it is a full 11 inches shorter than normal SR's. With interchangeable barrels and Pica tinny rail mount system, this compact SR can come equipped with a silencer, and extended mag. For such a small SR, this gun uses the same devastating cartridge as the L96A1, the deadly .338 Lapua. It truly is a weapon to watch out for.


Created by: xNightmare
More Info: NAO-60
A re-designed variant of the famous AO-60, now has a new stock, iron-sights, and Rail Integration System


Created by: sadrak11
More Info: ARX160
An Italian gun which is designed by Beretta. It has an ACOG Thermal scope and has a 700RPM And can hold up to 100 rounds and shoot as far as 600 meters the best part about it can be folded for better mobility.


Created by: xNightmare
More Info: AO-59
After years of test firing, Area 51 officials have unveiled this beast of a shotgun.

The Standard Combat PAS knife

Created by: arananathony
More Info: The Standard Combat PAS knife
A knife you get from the pas suit (in gear section)a deadly knife with a quick rate of knifing 0_0 it is very light and swift first attack is a slash that is very quick the 2nd is and assassination when using it behind another enemy you press the right click button and it will take your opponents head (if within the range of it) and will slash in 1 quick motion and your victim will be on the floor quickly

Tennis Racket

Created by: arananathony
More Info: Tennis Racket
The sports of kings make you a king on the field take out your enemies with this deadly racket 15 LOVE!


Created by: ShootyGuy
More Info: PM-66
By improving on the RPG-7 they have made this, PM-66. This comes with 1/5 ammo, the reload is quicker than the M136 Rocket Launcher, the damage is 80. The Rockets are travel faster devastating enemies. (Note Normal Ammo packs you pick up gives a extra rocket)


Created by: ShootyGuy
More Info: Jilo-1
The variant to the PM-66. This Rocket Launcher isn't your everyday one shot rocket, this has smaller rockets that has improved blast radius and 72 damage. This Rocket Launcher comes with 4/4 ammo, the rate of fire is very fast (90) this is a fully auto Rocket launcher, it is as great as the RPG-7 with slightly lower damage. (The Reload opens up a hatch and you put in the rocket like the M60 Reload)

Austeyr F88S

Created by: Tommygun9504
More Info: Austeyr F88S
The Australian copy of the Steyr AUG A1, modified for the Special Air Service Regiment. Comes standard with a Wildcat scope and a shortened barrel for a shorter range environment.

XM8 Compact Carbine

Created by: Tommygun9504
More Info: XM8 Compact Carbine
A PDW variant of the XM8 rifle. Includes a custom Holosight to replace the telescopic sight. Fires faster, with less kick and slightly less damage.

XM8 Sharpshooter

Created by: Tommygun9504
More Info: XM8 Sharpshooter
A Designated Marksman variant of the XM8. Has more damage and accuracy, but only while stationary. Includes a longer barrel to increase effective range.

XM8 Automatic Rifle (XM8AR)

Created by: Tommygun9504
More Info: XM8 Automatic Rifle (XM8AR)
A variant of the XM8 combining the standard scope with a 100 round Beta C-Mag and a bipod. Has a lot more kick and less accuracy. It's also a lot heavier than the standard XM8.


Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: APS
A new pistol from the Black Market. It's the Machine Pistol and the pic look like a G18 Cobra, Mac-10,TMP,& Berreta 93R. It's pretty fast firing between those I explained guns similar. Not as fast as an UZI or CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1. I well say this gun is 20 round-clip.

Grim Reaper (Launcher)

Created by: MVP EdwardJ
More Info: Grim Reaper (Launcher)
Pack some heat with the Grim Reaper! Fire 8 rockets at your enemy to make your competition forfeit!

AR-15 Adjustable stock

Created by: MVP EdwardJ
More Info: AR-15 Adjustable stock
Fire it up with an AR-15! It's integrated suppressor and collapsible stock makes it able to be lighter when moving to another camping spot!

HS-10 Shotgun

Created by: MVP EdwardJ
More Info: HS-10 Shotgun
An old but reliable semi-automatic shotgun, light enough to be held in one hand but strong enough to pump 7 rounds into your foes without reloading!

MVP's Death Machine

Created by: MVP EdwardJ
More Info: MVP's Death Machine
The ultimate weapon on the battlefield! The MVP stole a specialist's minigun and the Legion not too long ago and modified it to his liking. The new polymer carbon fibre hybrid parts make the weapon much lighter. With a better belt-fed system and a cooling unit, the 'Death Machine' is definitely the weapon of choice if you wish to wipe out your enemy's whole brigade! The improved cooling/warm-up system negates the warm-up 'spooling' and is also capable of a faster rate of fire.
The Rate of Fire of the Death Machine was clocked at 1366 RPM and the kill-time is even faster than the Magpul FMG-9 and the T-2.
Able to fire 1,000 rounds into your enemy without reloading, rushers should treasure this weapon if they wish to put a massive hole in the enemy's defence.

Model 1887 Akimbo

Created by: MVP EdwardJ
More Info: Model 1887 Akimbo
A replica of the old classic Winchester 1887 with a few modern modifications to the firing mechanism. The stock has been sawn off to decrease the weight of the gun and also make it easy to conceal. Players may be put off by its slow rate of fire and moderate damage, but it is light enough to be held in one hand. It is able to pump 18 rounds into your enemies before reloading. This modern replica of the M1887 is chambered for the 12 Gauge Hollow point cartridge which deals extra damage per shot. By upgrading the gun, it can easily outperform modern shotguns such as the R870, Spas-12 or the KSG.
Hollow Points: Extra damage per shell
Range: Increase the range of the shotgun
Speed Loader: Faster Reload
FMJ: Full Metal Jacket, bullets penetrate surfaces with deeper impact.

M14 SE Camo

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: M14 SE Camo
NX Rare, good idea for the next MYST crate.

M4 Carbine

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: M4 Carbine
Pre-attached foregrip and ACOG scope (GP)

Kamara's M4 Super 90

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: Kamara's M4 Super 90
Epic, for the next MYST


Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: K1A MOD
Pre-Attached fore-grip and S1 Suppressor (NX)

AUG A1 Para

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: AUG A1 Para
Son version of AUG family, but it's a SMG (NX)

Wizard Sword Gun

Created by: Negabandit86
More Info: Wizard Sword Gun
A magically enhanced weapon, classified as an unknown tier weapon by the Combat Arms Command due to its mysterious nature. Currently found with the files of the NA version of Combat Arms.

Airsoft Rifle

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: Airsoft Rifle
Forgeable sniper rifle: Forged with a Dragunov SVD and 8 Fusion Pallets

Dual Skorpions Black

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: Dual Skorpions Black

IMI Galil

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: IMI Galil
Forgeable Assault Rifle: Forged with an AK-47 and 8 Fusion Pallets

Dual G23s

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: Dual G23s
GP Standard Pistol
Unlock at rank:First Lieutenant V
Ammo Capacity:20/40

Pocket Knife

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: Pocket Knife
NX-Standard Melee


Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: MAC-10 MOD
NX Standard SMG
Pre-Attached Red Dot Sight and Suppressor(P90 kind)

USP 40 Compact

Created by: MVP EdwardJ
More Info: USP 40 Compact
A compact version of the USP, with an added compensator to increase the barrel length. This weapon can be legally obtained in Australia, with a Category H Firearms License.


Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: Striker
New Clan Shotgun
GP Standard Shotgun
Unlock at Clan Level 3

G18 SE

Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: G18 SE
A highly customised machine pistol, similar to the G18, hailing from Austria, this pistol is exclusive to the Custom Warzone Arena

Mauser C96 Pistol

Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: Mauser C96 Pistol

A machine pistol used by the Elite Nazi Waffen SS during WWII. This weapon is capable of automatic fire but msot users opt for semi-automatic firing mode.If you look closely enough the name hints at what year this weapon was designed (1896).This is the first machine pistol developed in the world.


Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: M27-IAR

An American customized variant of the M416,but comes with a pre-attached foregrip and ACOG Scope. This gun is considered rare in the Custom Warzone Arena.


Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: HAMR

A machine gun based on the ACR. It is fitted with the Beta-C Magazine (Century Magazine) which allows the gun to house 100 rounds in the magazine..


Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: UMP 45 SE

An NX-rare variant of the well-known UMP,it maintains the UMP45's sight while adding a little more damage and an extra mag to help it during the battle.

P .44 Magnum

Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: P .44 Magnum

An infamous revolver that has been seen in many old western films. This gun at one point in time was the world's strongest handgun, even beating out the Desert Eagle.It makes its debut in CA as a GP Rare weapon, don't get caught on the wrong end of this weapon!


Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: PTRS-41

A new forged weapon that was based on the sniper rifle the Third Reich used during the Second World War.This requires an L96A1 and 7-Replica Pallets to forge .Good luck and now go bust some heads!

Springfield 1903

Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: Springfield 1903

A forged weapon from Nexon's WW2 Replica.This sniper rifle requires and MSG-90 and 7 Rplica Pallets to forge.This weapon was originally developed in 1903,however it has seen action in both World Wars and even the Korean War.


Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: MP-28

A submachine gun used by the Elite Naz Waffen SS.This weapoon has a magazine which is loaded on the side(similar to the British Sten and Type 100, both also used during WW2).Even though the standard issue submachine gun for the Nazis during WW2 was the MP40,the Waffen SS where often given this weapon in it's place.


Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: Arisaka

The standard Japanese service rifle issued during WWII.This weapon was one of the many bolt-action weapons used during WWII by the many countries which were involved in that conflict.Like many other bolt-action rifles used during that time, it has a standard 5-round magazine.

MAT 49

Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: MAT 49

This weapon was originally of French design and was used during the Vietnam War. However, the NVA had stolen these weapons from the fallen French soldiers. This weapon was a force to be reckoned with, as it had a rugged design and could be used regardless of terrain. Because of that, the United States had no choice but to leave Vietnam because they were unable to match up to the weapon's firepower with their M-16


Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: PPSH-41

An iconic Soviet WWII SMG.This weapon has a unique magazine which allowed it to have a 71-round mag,however this magazine was found to often make the gun jam and was later replaced by a 35-round box magazine.The Nazis would often take these weapons from fallen Soviet soldier and would often use it against the Soviets.The insane fire-rate on this gun gave it its nickname: PaPaSha. Spgain or Burp Gun(which the Germans gave it.)Recquires a PP-19 and 7-replica pallets to forge.


Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: DP-28 LMG
A Soviet machine gun which was used during World War 2.This weapon has a unique pan shaped magazine which can hold 47 rounds in a magazine.It was made to replace the DP-26.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: M6A2-SRT SE

A special forces variant of the M6A2-SRT which is lighter, more accurate, having more stopping power, and less recoil with burst fire along with the two round burst. Also enhanced with a high magnification sniper scope and foregrip.

L96A1 Predator

Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: L96A1 Predator

This iconic rifle was sent to hell to finally recieve it's "powers".Compared to other L9's in the series,they don't even stand up to how powerful this beast of a sniper will be.This sniper is almost as powerful as two L9 Black Magnums put together.You wouldn't want to get caught on the end of this beast of a weapon,if you do,your going straight to HELL!


Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: M4A2 SRT

A special operations design on one of the standard issue weapons in the United States Military.It now has a pre-attached foregrip and a magazine size of 35.


Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: M4A3 DMR

A newly designed Designated Marksman Rifle.It was based on one of the most successful rifles ever,the M4A1.With all the power that weapon had to offer,making it a Designated Marksman Rifle pushed just a little further to become one of the most powerful weapons on the battlefield.It now features a scope (similar to the L96A1 scope) and a silencer to conceal it's user from enemy contact.

M416 SE

Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: M416 SE
A new design on the highly popular assault rifle. Now it comes with a dark blue urban camouflage and a preattached I-tech reflex sight.This weapon can be as deadly as any of it's predecessor were and it's successors will be.

Infinity Strike

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: Infinity Strike
Summons a futuristic V-22 Osprey to activate the powerful Neo Delta Cannon to eradicate its target that is able to lock on to its targets. The cannon takes 5 minutes to recharge and takes 5 seconds to warm up which is always a 1 Hit KO. The vulcan does not a have a recharge time and how fast it shoots is clocked at 10,000 rounds per minute and is a 5 shot kill. There are two more gatling machine guns on the side that are a 3 hit KO. The two gatlings' RPM are clocked at 1,000,000,000,000 which is faster then any weapon in the game. This is possibly may even be the ultimate weapon on the battlefield and may even surpass the MVP's Death Machine which is an Epic Weapon. Only usable in Operation: Hotel where it can be used to call in air support.

M249 SAW

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: M249 SAW

A GP Rare machine gun based off of the MINIMI machine gun which sports a decrease in recoil and increased firepower. It also features a completely silent draw animation.

M417 DMR

Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: M417 DMR
A Designated Marksman Rifle which was based mainly from the M6A3 DMR. With the new upgrades to this gun, you can become nearly impossible to stop. This weapon comes pre-attached with a scope, a suppressor and now has a shorter reload animation which benefits any sniper who reloads frequently. You do not want to be caught in front of this gun, it will tear apart anyone who comes into the crosshairs of the user. With its outstanding power, it should be in a class of its own.

SR25 Navy

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: SR25 Navy
A GP Rare variant of the SR25 designed for the Navy which features increased accuracy and power. It also features a L115A2 style scope which is pre-attached.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: MSG-90 DMR
An NX Standard variant of the MSG-90 that has an attached suppressor. It provides more stopping power and is lighter than its GP Counterpart.


Created by: xNightmare
More Info: AO-61

A new handgun from Area 51, the AO-61 delivers maximum firepower with low recoil.


Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: M16A4

The new standard issue of the iconic M16.This one comes with a pre-attached foregrip and PEQ Box(Useless?).It was meant to be more powerful then an M16 and a few M4 variants.It's power could make it possible to land in the hands of an enemy and potentially cripple the team if caution is not observed.


Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: HK-94
A hybrid assault rifle which derives from both the HK-416 and the An-94.This weapon is meant to be more powerful than both weapons.This weapon can be a lethal choice in the right hands.IF all goes well with production, this weapon could end up as the new standard issue of the United States Military.

Tornado Gun

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: Tornado Gun
Designed to defy the laws of physics, the longer the tornado is, the more damage the opponents take. Epic Weapon. 

Dual Fire Tornado Gun

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: Dual Fire Tornado Gun
An dual wielded variant of the Fire Tornado Gun, the damage is doubled and enemies that survive this is burnt even more.

M27 SE

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: M27 SE
A variant of the M416 that has a grip and sniper scope equal to the magnification of the L115A series sniper scope that uses a 150/150 twin drum magazine. Stopping power, accuracy, recoil has been improved, and the damage drop off is better than most machine guns. The draw animation and reload animation is completely silent. The RPM is 10,000 which is an Epic Weapon. It's classification is also switched to light machine gun.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: (Placeholder)
A modified M134 Minigun that was designed to be ultra compact and more powerful with a stunning 50 points higher portability and 10 points more damage. The barrel is also different with 8 barrels with each of Orochi's head on it. The way it is held is also different. Though firing a heavier caliber, the recoil is also smaller by 10 points and RPM was clocked at 5,000 rounds per minute.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: SMAW MOD
A SMAW that is equipped with an optic that is able to handle long range targets much more easily. Warning: you may get kicked for using this more than the duals or whatever.

China Lake

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: China Lake
Designed to replace the M79, this pump action grenade launcher is able to fire 4 grenades before needing to reload.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: Javelin
A laser guided launcher that is able to lock on and deal a one hit kill. The laser guidance means that wherever your crosshair is, that's where it,s going to go.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: M4A1 SE
Though this variant no longer has it's suppressor, this one is equipped with a M203 Grenade Launcher, a rail system with a flipped down back-up iron sights, an unusable laser sight, and a tan camouflage which has increased more stopping power and more accuracy with insane fire rate.

ACR Arctic Wolf

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: ACR Arctic Wolf
An ACR designed for the Arctic that is equipped with a suppressor, an HDS-4 Reflex Sight, a custom modified heartbeat sensor that is able to be attached onto an assault rifle, and an Arctic camouflage which is more accurate, and has lower recoil. Best suited for maps like Snow Valley and Cold Seed. The camouflage is also the same as the L96A1 Arctic Wolf's camouflage, but with more minor details.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: Hellfire
Deployed from a Predator drone, which causes 500 damage directly and is a one hit kill depending on how far the enemy was from the missile.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: RPG-7 MOD
A futuristic variant of the RPG-7 which is equipped with an optic to be able to take down long range targets.

AN-94 TactOP MOD

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: AN-94 TactOP MOD
A modified AN-94 TactOP that is lighter and kicks less which is equipped with the Russian made Kobra sight.

XM2010 ESR (Enhanced Sniper Rifle)

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: XM2010 ESR (Enhanced Sniper Rifle)
A sniper rifle derived from the M24, this sniper fires the .300 Winchester Magnum which has a chance of killing an enemy with one shot while retaining the M24's perfect accuracy which is equipped with a suppressor to mask it's loud firing sound.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: USAS-12
A fully automatic shotgun from South Korea.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: M240
A machine gun used prior to the M249 machine gun.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: Ballista
Hailing from Belgium, this sniper rifle is able to hold it's own against the newer generation sniper rifles such as the MSR.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: SMAW
A launcher which has the capability of killing an enemy with a single rocket.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: M27
Higher calibered variant of the M416 family with high recoil and can be equipped with all types of attachments.

F2000 SE

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: F2000 SE
An F2000 equipped with a foregrip which has less recoil and a slightly higher magnification scope.

QBB 95

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: QBB 95
The light machine gun variant of the QBZ-95 also known as the Type 95.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: KSG CQB
A Kel-tec KSG optimized for close quarter engagements which is equipped with a longer barrel, a laser sight, and a HDS-4 Reflex. It retains the forgrip which is found on its counterpart.

RSASS (Remington Semi-Automatic Sniper System)

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: RSASS (Remington Semi-Automatic Sniper System)
A semi-automatic sniper rifle equipped with a suppressor and a high magnification scope.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: AS50
A semi-automatic .50 caliber sniper rifle from the United Kingdom.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: M6A2 CQB MOD
A M6A2 which has a pre-attached suppressor, iTech reflex sight, a foregrip and a dark earth camouflage.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: SCAR-L CQB
A SCAR-L which is equipped with a hybrid sight which consists of an iTech reflex/hybrid sight and a M320 Grenade Launcher.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: MK46
A lighter variant of the M249 machine gun.

AAC Honey Badger PDW

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: AAC Honey Badger PDW
A Personal Defense Weapon based off of the AR-15 which has an integrated suppresor with no damage penalty and light and chambered for the .300 AAC Blackout.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: XM25 CDTE Mk II
A XM25 which deals greater damage and a special scope which air bursts like its real life counterpart.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: Erebus
A MSR sent to the underworld and now resurrected as the demon Erebus. It's stopping power is on par with the Cabin Fever Exclusive L96A1 Black Magnum which is a one shot kill to any part of the body.

Mark 14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle SOPMOD

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: Mark 14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle SOPMOD
Modified to cover up the M14EBR's weaknesses, this variant is equipped with a suppressor to mask it's presence. Although it fires in a semi-automatic manner, it compensates with 25 points more damage, 5 points more accuracy, and 4 points lighter than its counterpart. The ammo count has been increased to 20/40, and loses its ammo slower compared to the Mark 14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle.

M32 SE

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: M32 SE
A M32 equipped with a reflex sight which also deals more damage.


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: Chainsaw
This weapon is pure overkill!11!!!11!!


Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: SVU-A
A bullpup variant of the Dragunov that is capable of firing fully automatic or semi-automatic with a pre-attached suppressor.


Created by: StarWarsFan9988
More Info: G36K
Another G36 variant designed for a combination of CQC and long range. Its integrated scope provides 3x magnification compared to the 4x provided by many sniper rifles. The barrel is slightly longer than the G36C's, but shorter than the G36KE's. It comes with an integrated S3 supressor, but no damage dropoff. It is slightly better than the G36E, by enough to make the G36K an NX standard assault rifle.

Mark 14 Mod 0 EBR SE

Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: Mark 14 Mod 0 EBR SE
An Mk14 that was superior to the Mk14 EBR SOPMOD depending if you prefer stealth. Equipped with a foregrip, an unusable bipod, a sniper scope, and a select fire attachment which allows semi-automatic or fully automatic. It also has a different firing sound than the M14EBR with a boost in damage with better penetration power, more accuracy due to a double zoom, and a 30/30 ammo capacity boost.


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: CM901 DMR
The DMR variant of the CM901 Assault Rifle.


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: SCAR-H CQB
A SCAR-H with a HDS-4 Reflex Sight and a flipped down iron sights.

Mk 20 SSR

Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: Mk 20 SSR
A sniper variant of the SCAR series with a longer barrel and a sniper scope.


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: CM901
An assault rifle that can be converted to a DMR.

Honey Badger CQB

Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: Honey Badger CQB
A highly customized submachine gun with traits of an assault rifle and a SMG which is equipped with a Magpul angled fore grip, a longer barrel, a HDS-4 Reflex Sight, and an unusable laser sight. Has the range and accuracy of an assault rifle with the weight of the SMGs at the cost of CQB stopping power and low fire rate.


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: RPD
A Russian machine gun.


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: Semtex
A plastic explosive.

PKP Pecheneg

Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: PKP Pecheneg
A replacement for PK machine gun.


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: PM-9
A Japanese SMG.

Model 1887

Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: Model 1887
An old shotgun from 1887.


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: M1216
A semi-automatic shotgun.


Created by: Specte Z-Rex
More Info: LSAT


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: AW50
The .50 Cal variant of the L96A1.


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: SVT-40
A battle rifle from the Soviet Union.


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: FNC


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: M202 FLASH Mk II
A heavily modified M202 FLASH that was modified for taking out campers that always hide which is equipped with a unique scope that finds targets which only work if the enemy is close to your face or up to 10m with a 4/8 capacity. Unfortunately, to balance it out, this weapon has lacking portability at only 30 points.


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: Bazooka
Forged from LAW and 7 Replica pallets.

Dual G18

Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: Dual G18
Warning: This dual wield machine pistol is known to be very deadly at close-quarter engagements.


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: FAD

Browning Hi-Power

Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: Browning Hi-Power

Kriss KARD

Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: Kriss KARD
A pistol which can fire semi-automatic and fully automatic (Note: it's semi-automatic only in real life) chambered in .45 ACP.


Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: XM29 OICW
A M4A1 and XM25 into one gun with a high magnification scope.


Created by: Longshot17
More Info: Mosin-Nagant
A standard 5 round bolt-action rifle used by the Soviet Union. Although slower fire rate, it has a very good precision, accuracy and a devastating damage to the enemy. Useful at mid-long range. Ammo count: 5/25


Created by: Longshot17
More Info: STEN
A submachine gun used by British forces. With an effective range of 100 metres, it is powerful in close combat. However this is countered by it's a slower fire rate than the average smg, although this is not noticed. This weapon is cheap to make and a simple design. Forged with a UMP and 3 replica pallets. Ammo count: 32/96.

The Centurion

Created by: LunarWing
More Info: The Centurion
The preferred weapon of Nova. Bright orange in color, it shoots bullets made of solar energy. The ammo capacity can be charged by pointing the weapon upwards into the sky in a patch of daylight.

Damage: 47

Portability: 71

Rate of Fire: 82

Accuracy: 81

Recoil: 63

Ammo Capacity: 50/∞

Compound Bow

Created by: Dynames002
More Info: Compound Bow
(Assassin only)

Able to shoot Hi-Velocity arrows with interchangable arrowheads(impact,explosive, hack, radar). Also gets custom reticle to show the path of the arrow. Shoots straight forward almost as fast as a bullet when using charged shot)


->Impact: 90 damage, 10 arrows. Ignores armor. 0 damage drop off.

->Explosive: 100 damage, explodes on impact, similar radius to explosive crossbow, 2 arrows.

->Hack: reverses allegiance of enemy mines, turrets, and other plantable weaponry within small radius, 2 arrows.

->Radar: plants arrow that acts like a mini heartbeat sensor that remains on until destroyed. 2 arrows.


Left click: Quick shot.

Right click: Charged shot (faster arrow velocity). +15% damage bonus for fully charged shots. (Impact arrows only-Unlimited range and will collateral through multiple enemies without damage reduction)

F:change arrow heads.

Orbital Bombardment Designator

Created by: Reszek
More Info: Orbital Bombardment Designator
When you activate this, kinetic rods will rain down on the entire map desolating the enemies with a huge blast radius.

Machine Gun UAV Swarm

Created by: Reszek
More Info: Machine Gun UAV Swarm
A swarm of UAVs will rain down machine gun fire on the enemy.

Tri-Airstrike Designator

Created by: Reszek
More Info: Tri-Airstrike Designator
Essentially like the regular airstrike designator, but this one is an EPIC weapon and has three usages before needing to recharge. Comes with different types of bombs.

Hellfire Strike

Created by: Reszek
More Info: Hellfire Strike
Some UAVs (Predators, Reapers, Avengers, Globalhawks, and X-47Bs) will drop bombs and fire missiles on the entire map.


Created by: Reszek
More Info: MPX
A 9x19mm SMG with high damage, low recoil, and low fire rate.

Atomic Strike Designator

Created by: Reszek
More Info: Atomic Strike Designator
Essentially like a normal airstrike, but except this one will kill everyone on the map regardless of the location.

Impact Grenade

Created by: Reszek
More Info: Impact Grenade
Grenade that explodes upon contact to surface.


Created by: Reszek
More Info: Gigant
Kamen Rider G4's shoulder-mounted missile launcher. Ammo capacity: 4/2.


Created by: ZeroSaga
More Info: M416C
A more compact version of the M416 designed for the UKSF. Boasts higher portability than the standard M416.

Riot Shield

Created by: ZeroSaga
More Info: Riot Shield
While using a riot shield, you can wield a pistol that is not dual-wielded.


Created by: ZeroSaga
More Info: MG3
Modern general-purpose machine gun derived from the WWII MG42.


This is a list of custom events.

World War Memorial Event

Created by: Gumgum511
More Info: World War Memorial Event
This is an event that would take place from September 1st and run for about a week. During this time, there will be a moment of silence on the last day for all those who fell fighting. Also, several WWII weapons will become available for a limited time only; such as the M1 Garand, Springfield, PTRS, Browning, MG42 (classic), STG 44, Arisaka, and many others. These weapons will be both NX and GP purchasable, with one random weapon being delivered free during the event.

The Civil WAR

Created by: arananathony
More Info: The Civil WAR
It's the Civil War. You're only using the E57 Musket and S58 Musket and a cannon. You fight each other on the war field; at each base there is a healing spot you can heal and head back to the battle field but the other team may raid it and destroy it. Cannons can target anywhere in the map, but FF is on and the cannon is unpredictable it may even blow up on you too!

MVP's Game of Choices!

Created by: MVP EdwardJ
More Info: MVP's Game of Choices!
There's always this time of the month where The 'MVP' opens up his normally secluded training grounds to the public. For free. What's the catch? You have to play his Game of Choices. The security system is currently malfunctioning and the only way in,is the front door. Which is heavily guarded. All soldiers, armed and unarmed, are welcome to participate in this very exclusive gauntlet-like obstacle course! Of course, this is not the end. Why kill all the fun? Technically, you've 'broken into' The 'MVP's training grounds, which is an automatic invitation to play 'The Game Of Choices'

Here Comes Jesus Christ

Created by: MicroHawk
More Info: Here Comes Jesus Christ
This event makes every gun on sale for 20% off the original price. There would be some new weapons, characters, bonus roulette, and more! This also is a competition. Who ever gets top 100 MVP receive 5 Supply Myst (Tango or Next).

Opposite Day Event

Created by: 3DG-1337
More Info: Opposite Day Event
A special sale in which all Nx weapons will be available for for purchase and likewise making all GP weapons available for NX(Permanent available).This event goes on for 3 days and should end on the last day of a month.

MYST Celebration

Created by: Z-Rex
More Info: MYST Celebration
A sale that brings back every MYST (excluding the MYST released during CA's 3rd anniversary) including the old weapon supply cases which are on sale and when you buy one you get another one for free.

The World Series

Created by: StarWarsFan9988
More Info: The World Series
For the entire duration of Major League Baseball's World Series, players will get double EXP and GP. Six new items will be added to the shop: The Baseball Grenade, a cosmetic variant of the M67 Frag that looks exactly like a baseball, the Baseball Bat, which has the same stats as the 3 lb sledge, the Batting Helmet, which has the exact same stats as the skull helmet, the Baseball Uniform, the Gear Bag, a 4-slot backpack shaped like the gear bag used by baseball players, and the Home Plate mine, which has the same stats as the M16A1 AP mine, but looks like home plate. The batting helmet and baseball uniform will show either the Alpha Team or Bravo Team logo, depending on which team the player is on, and have the player's IGN where the name goes across the back and under it is the player's number, which is simply his or her ranking for that game. For example, a player in first place for his team will have 1 as the uniform number.. The following part is not to be advertised: any player that logs in at least 5 times during the event will get all the items listed above for 30 days.


This is everything else.

Explosive Rounds

Created by: StarWarsFan9988
More Info: Explosive Rounds
A modification purchasable in the shop that, as suggested by its name, loads any gun equipped with it with explosive rounds. The explosive rounds increase damage on a hit by 20, anyone within 5 feet loses 10 hp, and anyone within 10 feet loses 5 hp. Nothing outside of 10 feet away will be damaged.

Rec Rules: T-X Terminator

Created by: StarWarsFan9988
More Info: Rec Rules: T-X Terminator

A very rare powerup in Rec Rules that will transform your character into the T-X from Terminator 3. If one player gets it, a powerup box with this inside will automatically be placed less than a foot in front of a random player on the opposing team to even the balance. Any player with the T-X will have 5,000 HP and unlimited sprint stamina, as well as the ability to run 6 times as fast as the normal player while sprinting. The player will lose all of his or her weapons, and they will be replaced with a flamethrower (900/0 ammo or 54 seconds of flame) and a plasma rifle built into the character's right arm. It can only be fired once every 5 seconds, but is always a one-hit kill. It can penetrate up to 2 feet of metal or rock. It will stop working when the player takes 2,500 damage. The T-X also comes with an updated HUD that will show the hitboxes for all visible enemies. The effects will disappear after 5 minutes or until the player dies.

Combat Arms International

Created by: StarWarsFan9988
More Info: Combat Arms International
During July, a new server will be added to Combat Arms in celebration of the anniversary. Every player in all 5 regions of Combat Arms will be able to get onto this server. Once the host chooses his or her team, only players from the same region as the host will be able to join that team, creating a battle between two different regions. The winning side will get 1,000 NX in a new form-NX Reward. The losing side will get 250 NX Reward. NX Reward can be used to purchase Epic weapons as if they were NX Standards and everything else will be 50% off when purchased with NX Reward. The server will disappear from the list of available servers when the anniversary celebration ends. 

Hybrid Sight

Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: Hybrid Sight
A sight composing of an iTech and a magnifier.

HAMR Scope

Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: HAMR Scope
A Scope where you can switch between an ACOG maginification and a reflex sight.

Dragon's Breath

Created by: Spectre Z-Rex
More Info: Dragon's Breath
A shotgun attachment that makes it like a short range flamethrower.

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