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Part of the classic replica series. In the hands of an able soldier the C1860N is a high damage six-round revolver that can tear through enemies just like any modern day sidearm.
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The Colt 1860 Navy is a break action revolver that was released along the reveal of the Gun Emporium (Beta).


The C1860N is forged using the M1911 MEU and 7 Replica Pallets. Therefore the C1860N shares several characteristics with the M1911. The firerate is relatively slow, balancing a stable 2 shot kill. Due to its slow firing speed and the low magazine size, the C1860N is unuseful for spamming bullets, but performs well at aimed shots. It has a mildly fast cool-down from recoil, and its recoil is low for revolvers.

It has a draw animation similar to that of the Desert Eagle SE.





Bronze III


Forged/MARK II
C1860N (M1911 MEU)


  • There has been an influx of these guns after Nexon announced permanent weapons could be forged. People had previously bought the M1911 MEU during a GP Permanent Sale.
  • On Combat Arms Brazil, this weapon is sold direct on Black Market for GP, without rank restrictions.


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