Don't let its Wild West look fool you. With modern parts backing up this classic Six-Shooter, the C1851N can go up against any handgun out there and win.
  — The Arsenal 

The Colt 1851 Navy is a historic pistol released during the Ghost of Guns Past event.


The C1851N is a Civil-War era single-action revolver. Despite having only 6 rounds in each reload, it has a fast reload and 24 rounds total, 6 more than the Anaconda Black. The weapon itself is very similar to that of an Anaconda, since it's a revolver that's a moderate two shot kill, with a large damage drop off.

Currently, this weapon can only be obtained by forging a K5 with 3 replica pallets.





Bronze III


  • This gun could have been acquired in two ways. The first, likely less popular, way is to buy it directly from the Shop for 50,000 GP. The second way is to purchase any available weapon in the Black Market for a permanent duration, which will give you this gun free for 90 days. This is no longer true as the event ended.
  • During the Ghosts of Guns Past, after a player got 500 kills with this handgun, they received two other weapons, the 44Rem Rev and the M1849 Pocket Revolver for 90 days.


  • This weapon was seen in Blabber Box Episode 2 during the segment on combining guns.
  • This is the first "power" pistol that clearly dominates an NX standard. The C1851N can be bought for GP, yet it has moderate to overwhelmingly better stats than the Anaconda Gold (except possibly in fire rate).
  • This gun has better accuracy, recoil, and spread recovery than the Anaconda. However, the Anaconda has higher damage, which makes the Anaconda a more consistent 2 hit kill.
  • It is stated in the Arsenal that all the guns in the Civil War Pistol Collection Event are GP standards, which mean that they could be released in the future.
  • This pistol has a similar sprint animation to the Anaconda Black 8-inch.
  • On Combat Arms Brazil, this weapon it's sold direct on Black Market for GP, without rank restrictions.


  • The drawing animation of the C1851N.
  • The firing animation of the C1851N.
  • The reloading animation of the C1851N.
  • The sprinting animation of the C1851N.