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Br De Fr
Bushmaster type97
Bushmaster Type 97
NX cost

30 Days - 1,900 NX

90 Days - 3,900 NX

Permanent - 9,900 NX





Ammo capacity


Rate of Fire45
Firing modes





Built off of Assault Rifle components, the Bushmaster Type 97 Pistol is as compact as a sidearm and chambered to fire rifle calibre ammunition. Using a 20 round magazine and two spare mags, this unique pistol offers a solid wall of suppressive fire with a few pulls of the trigger.
  — Black Market 

The Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 97 is a NX standard Pistol, released in the June 21st, 2012.

It can be purchased in the Black Market for 30 days, 90 days, or permanently.


It features a 20 round magazine and automatic fire. The stats are virtually identical to the G18 Cobra except for the huge noticeable decrease in portability. The very welcoming change is that it has an extra magazine in reserve with 20/40 rather than 20/20 as of the G18 Cobra. However, players will notice that the Bushmaster has a much faster rate of fire than the G18 Cobra since it is an assault rifle in pistol form. It is currently the heaviest pistol in the game, with a portability of 67, less than any SMG. The fast fire rate of this pistol can make the player run out of ammo easily. It runs out even faster if the player uses the full auto feature of the pistol (by pressing the key F).



NX Standard Bushmaster Type 97 
Cousin Carbon 15



  • The Bushmaster Type 97 currently has the most ammunition count out of all pistols in the game.
  • This weapon has also the most ammunition count in reserve, this time shared with the Makarov, Luger P-08, Walther P38 and the TT Pistol.
  • Unlike the G18 Cobra, when the player attaches a suppressor, it has the plain pistol suppressor sound, as opposed to the G18 Cobra's SMG sounding suppressor.
  • Nexon supplied players with a free 1-day Bushmaster Type 97, saying "thank you for sticking with us this week!".
  • This gun could be first seen in the Summer Bonus Program banner, along with the MP5SD6.
  • This is the heaviest secondary weapon in the game, being less portable than Rocco's AUG A3, Baron's M416 CQB and Remington M597 VTR, all of them full sized primary weapons.
  • As claimed by the Arsenal, this is the only pistol in game to use assault rifle rounds.


  • The drawing animation of the Bushmaster Type 97.
  • The firing animation of the Bushmaster Type 97.
  • The reload animation of the Bushmaster Type 97.
  • The sprinting animation of the Bushmaster Type 97.

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