Several weapons, like the M16A3, have a Burst Fire function, which is the option to fire a short 3 round burst with each click of the mouse. In the case of the AN-94 and the AR-15 Double Barrel, it is a 2 round burst. (Press F to toggle Fire Modes) This mode of shooting is more controlled than full auto because the number of rounds fired is reduced (which conserves ammo), and the moments between bursts gives the shooter more time to aim. Weapons that have both a high damage and a burst mode have a clear advantage, for usually they are able to kill in 3 shots, thus if all 3 shots hit, it will be a kill. Some weapons only have a full-auto option, like most Machine Guns, but the burst effect can be achieved by briefly holding down the trigger until 2-4 rounds have been fired.

Maximum bullet spread and recoil is greatly reduced when burst mode is used. It is an effective counter-snipe ability if the weapon can reach long distances accurately and the user does not have a Sniper Rifle.

Assault Rifles

Machine Guns

Sub Machine Guns



  • There is a glitch where if you have less than three shots left (two shots for double burst) you will still fire three or two shots, the run-off shots will do no damage.
  • The AN-94 and the AR-15 Double Barrel are the only weapons to have a 2 round burst fire in the game.

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