Bunny Hopping is the tactic of repeatedly jumping in and around the enemy, making it harder for them to aim at him/her and attack.

This tactic is usually performed in close range maps such as Death Room or Grave Digger, and with close range weapons such as SMGs and Shotguns. However, jumping greatly increases the spread of guns, causing this strategy to be ineffective at a distance.

Bunny hopping can also help a player avoid being counter-sniped, and may also be used with a pistol, as pistols generally have high accuracy and smaller spreads than primary weapons.

Flashed Bunny Hopping

When players are "hit" by a flash grenade, they tend to jump around and spray wildly. While this is considered to be Bunny Hopping, it is not as effective as most likely players are going to miss.

Countering Bunny Hopping

There is no specific tactic to counter bunny hopping. One strategy is to bunny hop with the enemy, or keep them at a distance and rely on accurate fire. Another trick could be to retreat or run around until they run out of ammo, then kill them. Alternatively, players can crouch and go full auto. The crouching and spraying will minimize the spread of the player's gun and allow players to kill bunny hoppers faster.

Attitudes to Bunny Hopping

Many player consider bunny hopping to be quite a "noob" technique as it requires less aim and mainly relies on volume of fire in the enemy's vicinity. It is also looked down upon by some as it is very unrealisitic. Nevertheless, bunny hopping is a legitimate strategy and a perfectly viable tactic. Bunny hoppers should be prepared to receive angry comments from victims like, "OMG, bunny hopping nub", "learn to aim **".

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