A weapon with a Bullpup configuration (usually an Assault Rifle) is distinguished by its unique loading mechanism.


Typical rifle models such as the M4 and AK series have their magazines located in front of the trigger group. On bullpup rifles, the magazine is placed BEHIND the trigger group, on the stock of the gun.

This design makes the most use of the gun's available surface space, rather than having to add additional materials to the front of the gun to accommodate a magazine.

These guns often reload quicker compared to other weapons, and are more portable as well.

List of Bullpup Weapons

Bullpup weapons families include, but aren't limited to:

Individual bullpup weapons without families in the game include, but aren't limited to:


The P90 and its variants, as well as the M960, may be considered unique types of bullpup weapons, with their magazines placed on TOP of the gun.

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