Meet Bubba. Bubba Ares is the owner and chief customization expert at the Gun Emporium, where all Combat Arms weapon syntheses will take place. While his methods may be less than traditional, his results are well worth the time and resources. Bubba has the ability to perform miracles: hes been known to refit, adjust, and modify various armaments into some of the most powerful and bizarre weapons in the world. But Bubbas real passion lies in the vintage market; hes been known to have a particular talent for tweaking and improving older and weaker weapons, breathing a whole new life into an old-school arsenal.
  — Combat Arms Official Website 

"Bubba" Ares is the owner, operator, and chief customization expert at the former Gun Emporium and currently located at The Emporium.


Bubba (Bored)


Bubba (Conversing)


Bubba (Angry)


Bubba (Happy)


A Bubba meme.


In fact, I used to serve military for 40 months. When I recall that time I was treated rough by scary military instructors in boot camp, I still feel very sad. And I also feel very cold and starving all of sudden.
  — Bubba 

Bubba made his first appearance in the Nexon Forums, as the main focus of a "speech-bubble contest."

Bubba is known to be a Caucasian male in his late forties'/early fifties, with dirty-blond hair; consisting of a ponytail (which is hard to spot thanks to his hat, though visible when he turns his head) and a rugged beard. He wears clear goggles, a blue T-shirt, a blue apron and a blue hat, perhaps hinting that he is fond of the color blue.

When you click the Gun Emporium button, Bubba walks out of the side of the screen to greet you.


Bubba Ares is able to refit, adjust and modify weapons into some of the most powerful and bizarre weapons in the world, with just common household items. He is also capable of improving weaker, older weapons into newer, up-to-date models. Unfortunately, Bubba does not let just anyone into his lab of weaponry. Only those ready to handle some high-level shooting power are welcome. Once ready, soldiers will be able to head over to the Gun Emporium to create new guns by combining regular weapons with components acquired by completing special missions within various matches. Here, soldiers can forge, customize, and create hardware that enhances their weapons, which will not be able to be found anywhere else in the Combat Arms trenches.


  • Many people assume that the name, "Bubba", is an affectionate term; though it may also be based on bubble-gum or the name Bubba from the hit movie "Forrest Gump."
  • The name "Ares" is taken from the Greek god of war.
  • It is unknown which faction Bubba is affiliated with.
  • Bubba seems to be highly connected, as he gets his merchandise and spare parts from places with very high security.
  • Bubba's attire and profession may be a reference to The Home Depot.
  • Players can hear his footsteps when he walks, though he does not have any of his own vocal files.
  • He assumes a "bored" position when the player is idle and also voices his frustration on how the player is not doing anything.
  • According to the Boot Camp System dev blog, Bubba served in the military for a period of 40 months.


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