Responding to an overturned Nemexis transport at Devil's Head Bridge, you are dispatched to recover any cargo and secure the area. When you arrive, you find what appears to be an empty wreck... until the Infected arrive!
  — Combat Arms: Zombies map description 


Operation: Bridge takes place on a road bridge littered with massive shipping containers marked with the Nemexis logo. The player's initial orders, delivered by Colonel Coleman, is to investigate the disaster and send a SITREP back to Coleman. These orders are soon forgotten, however, as the Infected begin to emerge from the containers. The player must now defend himself/herself from hordes of Infected. Fairly early in the mission, it is revealed that there is a poison gas cloud lingering at each end of the bridge, neccessitating a helicopter rescue. He is then immediately ordered to remove all thoughts of jumping off the bridge.

At Round Three, a set of chemical barrels a fair way behind the player will explode, clearing a path for the Infected to flank the player from behind.

At Round Six, another set, near the first, will explode too, allowing the Infected a second flanking route behind the player.

At Round Eleven, chain link gates open. These lead down a ramp to a previously hidden area of the bridge. This area is indefensible, so it should only be used as a means of escape. A proven tactic to use here is to move through one of the doors, stop at a corner and pick off a few enemies, and repeat.


  • Despite what one would assume from the name of the mission, this map has nothing to do with Kill Creek.
  • As in every mission in CA:Z, the player has no squad to directly support them. In this mission, there is no apparent reason why the player's squad is missing or dead, apart from the poison gas cloud.
  • However, this also raises a question about how the player got into the mission area when his/her squad could not.

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