A forged gun made out of cardboard and masking tape. Just don’t ask how it all works.
  — The Arsenal 

The Box Gun is a machine gun available for forging though the Gun Emporium.


The Box Gun is the result when one mixed the damage of an MK.48 and the rate of fire of a K3. Not only does it boast high tiered damage values, it's rate of fire is also top notched for a machine gun. What sets the Box Gun apart from other similar weapons, such as the RPK-74 and the Ultimax 100, is the fact that is is currently the most portable machine gun, not to mention having the lowest recoil of one to date.

Overall, the Box Gun is statistically superior to most of its counterparts, but lacks the modifications, such as a scope (MG36) and firing options (M21E), that would allow it to display these superiorities.



Box Gun


Silver I
Box Gun
Gold I
Improved Box Gun


NX Rare
Improved Box Gun
Forged/MARK II
Box Gun (RPK-74)
Box Gun (M60)


  • It first appeared in the Gun Emporium during the Forge-A-Thon Event, requiring an RPK with 10 Paper Pallets.
  • The gun was unavailable for a short time, but it was seen again after the 3/30/12 patch.
  • However, this gun mysteriously disappeared after the 4-2-12 patch, suggesting that Nexon 'accidentally' re-released this gun.
  • The pattern continued when it reappeared, along with other retired forged weapons, during an unknown update, but using different weapons to forge them.


  • This weapon appears to simply be a reskin of the K3, made out of cardboard.
  • It makes a ruffle sound when being drawn or reloaded.
  • Everything appears to be crudely drawn, not to the finesse.
  • Although this gun is entirely cardboard, it appears to fire real cartridges.
  • Interestingly during 5-21-11 patch, the Box Gun needed an M60 Steel to forge, which would make it an NX gun, but after the 4-2-12 patch a MINIMI was needed
  • This gun, along with the Squirt Gun,Guitar Gun, Alien Gun and Toy Gun mysteriously disappeared from the Gun Emporium after the 4-2-12 patch. This could also explain the different weapons able to be used to forge them, and only having to use 1 Replica Pallet.
  • The Box Gun was available for forging in the Forge-A-Thon Event during the week of 08/07/13 - 08/13/13.
  • The Box Gun was available for forging in the gun emporium during 21/02/2014. Nexon did not announce this, it was not april fool's day, and paper was not avaible from the Roulette Wheel suggeting this was another accidentally re-released gun glitch.


  • The drawing animation of the Box Gun.
  • The firing animation of the Box Gun.
  • The reloading animation of the Box Gun.
  • The sprinting animation of the Box Gun.

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