Br De Fr
Bowie Knife
Bowie Knife
GP cost

1 Day - 650 GP

7 Days - 3,185 GP

30 Days - 12,675 GP

90 Days - 35,100 GP


Ico rank10 01Command Sergeant Major/I




Melee Damage

Firing modes

Double Slash (primary attack)

Stab (secondary attack)



A classic sheath knife with a clip point similar to machetes used in jungles. Known for its exceptionally sharp, durable blade.
  — The Arsenal 


The Bowie Knife is a weapon released in the 2-04-09 Patch. The Bowie has the same portability and damage as the G.I. Shovel but strikes faster. The slashing motion is very similar to the default knife's and the stab(right click) is a thrust from the side. The left click is 1 hit, faster, and a 2 hit kill, and the right click is also a 2 hit kill but slower. It is heavier than the default M9 knife, but is much longer, longer even than a sickle.;The right click seems to have shorter range then the left click.

The Bowie Combo gives you an advantage over other players because it is a semi-fast kill. Before you read on, remember that the Bowie Knife is a 2 hit kill. To do this combo, press the right click, then immediately press left click. The only time you are vulnerable during this combo is in the beginning, the time between when you right click and the right click actually hits. These 2 hits are the quickest the knife can do, just know that you should not use this in the midst of battle, because those crucial moments of vulnerability in the beginning can, and will, cost you your life.



Bowie Knife
Old Glory Knife
Maple Leaf Knife


Silver II
2-Silver Star
Bowie Knife
Silver III
3-Silver Star
Old Glory Knife
Maple Leaf Knife


GP Standard Bowie Knife
Festive Old Glory Knife
Maple Leaf Knife


  • Both the Primary and Secondary Attack styles look similar to those of the Default M9 and variants.


  • The drawing animation of the Bowie Knife.
  • The primary attack animation of the Bowie Knife.
  • The secondary attack animation of the Bowie Knife.
  • The sprinting animation of the Bowie Knife.

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