A wide-brim hat perfect for jungle missions, with a foliage ring to hold additional vegetation as camouflage. Increases movement speed by 2%.
  — The Arsenal 

The Boonie Hat is a Head gear exclusive to the Black Market. Similar to the Combat Beanie, it increases the player's speed. There is no longer a rank restriction for the hat, as it is in the Black Market. When worn, the hat matches the color of the wearer's uniform. In an attempt to increase the popularity of this item, the Boonie Hat, along with other, less popular NX items have been made available for purchase with GP. Players are able to purchase this item in 7, 30 or 90 day denominations.



GP Standard
Boonie Hat
NX Standard
Boonie Hat
Snake Boonie Hat


  • This hat will change color depending on the camo.
  • This hat is rarely seen in the battlefield as many other speed-boosting items clearly outshine it.
  • The Boonie Hat was one of the rewards for the May 5-Shot Event.

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