Br De Fr
Main bonus gp pass 40
Bonus GP Pass (40%)
NX cost

50 Uses - 800 NX

250 Uses - 3,100 NX


Cannot be stacked with any other bonus GP Passes.




+40% GP per match

Once this pass is activated, GP earned for games played will be increased by 40%. (This item can't be used simultaneously with another Bonus GP Pass item.)
  — The Arsenal 

The Bonus GP Pass (40%) is an NX function item. Once this pass is equipped, GP earned for games played will be increased by 40%. These passes can be purchased through the premium section of the shop, or obtained via events. It was removed in the Gear Point Update.


100 GP x (40% or 1.40) = 140 GP

So, instead of earning the regular 100 GP, one would obtain 140 GP instead.

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