Once this pass is activated, EXP earned for games played will be increased by 25% (this item cannot be used simultaneously with another Bonus EXP Pass item).
  — Item Description 
Bonus EXP Pass (25%)

Img main bonus exp pass 25

NX cost
100 Passes - 800 NX
500 Passes - 3,100 NX
Gives an extra 25% EXP per game match

The Bonus EXP Pass (25%) is a NX function item that adds 25% more EXP to the amount of EXP earned at the end of every match. The Bonus EXP Pass (25%) can be purchased at the Black Market for 100 or 500 uses. One use qualifies for one match, and once all of it's uses are gone it will be removed from the owner's inventory.

Due to it's nature, these items will never expire over time, only once all of it's uses are used.

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