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A fearsome bulletproof helmet for elite mercenaries that protects the head and face. (Wearing this item disallows use of face gear.)
  — The Arsenal 

The Bonehead Helmet is a helmet with a high protection rate and very high rank requirement. The helmet disallows the use of face items due to the fact that the helmet is attached to a faceplate shaped like the upper portion of a skull. It is rarely seen due to its high rank requirement, by which point most players either quit playing or stick to speed gear.



GP Standard
Combat Helmet
Tactical Helmet
Bonehead Helmet
Force Recon Helmet
Clan Helmet
Pilot Helmet
Skull Helmet
VBSS Helmet
Force Warrior Helmet
NX Standard
VBSS Helmet
Force Warrior Helmet
Ballistic Helmet
Elite 2nd Anniversary Helmet (Brazil)
NX Rare
Reinforced Force Recon Helmet
Reinforced Force Warrior Helmet
2nd Anniversary Helmet
2nd Anniversary Helmet (Brazil)


  • Although it says it has headshot protection, like many other helmets it is usually seen as useless.


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