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  • MVP EdwardJ

    ISt0leYourTV was banned in 2015, I stopped playing and checking on the wiki; life gets in the way, uni, two jobs. Fast forward two years and I'm already graduating. Time goes by really quickly doesn't it?

    Now..I want to ask, who still plays here? inc1te? Blue? Topsy? Zero? Kate? Jen? Anyone??

    Back on topic, I saw this on my Facebook newsfeed recently

    So instead of saying (BLOCK 31/12/9999), it says its Active. Account ban was lifted?

    Also, paging any admins or moderators here, my linked email to the wiki is out of my reach (due to g…

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  • QuarianParagade

    Different Strokes

    September 29, 2016 by QuarianParagade

    Well, thanks to Combat Arms constant crashing, I'll be playing Sudden Atttack till it is resolved. Good luck, and best fo wishes. I'll still be around, though not much. I reccomend Sudden Attack, very good.

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  • LovingKate

    Rank Compensation

    August 17, 2016 by LovingKate

    So.. EU players got rank compensation with all of their ranks... from when they started to their current rank.

    Meanwhile NA players get compensation for ranks only achieved after the merge. I don't see how this is entirely fair.. considering some players only got one or no items, while EU players got 10-12 Perm items possibly depending on their rank.

    I have to feel that there is some inequality there. 

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  • ComradeJ

    Surprise! Nexon decided to release gold grade weapons to rent for 0 GP. Wait, does this mean it's FREE?! You read that right!

    But, slow down! Before you go crazy on these weapons, keep in mind that since these weapons are for rent, you can't sell these weapons if your inventory becomes full. If it does get full, wait for a day for them to expire. You can only rent these weapons for a maximum of 1 day. This event runs from July 20th 2016 - July 26th, 2016 on Combat Arms Europe/North America.


    I will go straight to the point. Anyone want to help me create animations for these weapons? All you need to do is help me create a room! :D

    Without further ado, if you do decide to have fun, below is a screenshot of available gold grade weap…

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  • Rockstar100

    Not too sure who is left of this wiki, but lets see about that.

    I managed to stumble across this on Combat Arms Global. The Weapon License and Gear License is no longer present in the shop and has been replaced by these licenses.

    I think this is a horrible change since they could have kept both.


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  • ZombieW


    Today (06/15/2016) in Combat Arms Global

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  • NIGHTkilla

    Updating Bug

    March 28, 2016 by NIGHTkilla

    Hey Guys

    Its been a really long time since ive logged in, i think its been around 1 year since ive last played CA. However, today, when i re downloaded CA, everything downloaded fine, but when i clicked on the desktop icon to play it, there as an updating icon on the bottom right hand side of my screen that was at around 99%. After waiting more than half an hour, it still wouldnt go away. Does anyone know how this can be fixed?

    Thanks so much guys!

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  • LovingKate

    Back Online!

    March 18, 2016 by LovingKate

    After months and months of waiting.

    MissWolfie is finally back in game! I can't wait to see all of you guys in game :) 

    Feel free to add me whenever you want. I'll join whatever game you invite me to so long as I'm not currently in one :)

    See you in game Soldiers!

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  • LovingKate

    Happy Holidays!

    December 25, 2015 by LovingKate

    Hi everyone!

    I hope you're all having a GREAT holiday season!

    Myself and the rest of the CA Wikia team wishes you a great winter and new year!

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  • ZombieW

    With the Rockstar100 dates and after put the maps in "correct order" (by they timelines), I'm assuming that's the correct order:

    Dates in: DD/MM/YYYY

    • [01] Junk Flea 26/06/2008
    • [02] Snow Valley 26/06/2008
    • [03] Pump Jack 26/06/2008
    • [04] Gray Hammer 26/06/2008
    • [05] Warhead 26/06/2008
    • [06] Cold Seed 11/07/2008
    • [07] Two Towers 06/08/2008
    • [08] Brushwood 10/09/2008
    • [09] Waverider 16/10/2008
    • [10] Sand Hog 12/11/2008
    • [11] Rattlesnake 04/02/2009
    • [12] Death Room 25/02/2009
    • [13] Showdown 29/04/2009
    • [14] Desert Thunder 27/05/2009
    • [15] Power Surge 25/06/2009
    • [16] Overdose 29/07/2009
    • [17] Grave Digger 28/10/2009
    • [18] Roadkill 25/11/2009
    • [19] Cabin Fever ??/12/2009
    • [20] Short Fuse 31/03/2010
    • [21] Kill Creek 28/04/2010
    • [22] Vertigo 25/05/2010
    • [23] Training Grounds 25/05/2010
    • [24] …
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