Blindness is a term used when something disorts a player's vision. Usually, flashbangs cause most of the blindness in Combat Arms, but other sources like smoke grenades can cause varying degrees of blindness.

Usually, Blindness is caused by a flashbang grenade. Upon being flashed, a player's screen turns all white and a high-pitched sound is heard. The duration of this effect depends on how close you were to the said flashbang when it detonated. It can range from 2 to 10 seconds, the latter of which is PLENTY of time for the player to get shot and killed or accidently commit suicide. Some Elite Moderators dislike flashbangs to the point that they will kick players who use them from their games. The effect is surprisingly short-ranged, being a bit smaller than radius of a G7A Gas grenade.

Another type of blindness is poison disorientation. Gas from places like the vents in Overdose, the outside of Cabin Fever, and the gas from grenades (besides the smoke grenade) all may blind a player, making him or her see black or a flashing purple. This effect is a slight variant of a flashbangs, making it harder to focus or simply to warn the player that he or she is taking damage.

Burn disorientation is also a typical version of blindness. While on fire, the screen will flash orange in constant intervals until the effect wears off, signifying the burn. Note that players can experience burn disorientation even from an ally's weapon: the only difference is that you don't take damage.

The Medkit and Stamina Kit's healing effects can also be disorienting, though this is rare. For the Medkit, the screen will flash a light-blue on constant intervals, signifying the heal.


  • It is said that other types of blindness (other than that of flashes) are the result of an incompatible graphics card. Nexon will probably (or can) do nothing, because the problem lies in the graphics card. The best one can hope for is that Nexon will lower the game's graphics requirements.
  • One example of these types of blindness is when the player is taking continues damage (from fire or gas) the screen will go black. The sounds will work normally, and the player can still see some aspects of the HUD (such as the health, armor and stamina indicators, the ammo indicators, and the mini-map, but the rest of the screen will be black until the effect wears off.

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