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A Key used to open Black HiSec cases found in battle.
  — Item Description 

Black HiSec Key is a NX Premium item found in the Black Market. They are also obtainable from the Daily Jobs as a reward.

On July 23, 2014, they are no longer available for purchase in the shop and subsequently replaced by Ghost Hi-Sec Keys.[1]


The Black HiSec Key is the Black Market-exclusive version of the Gray HiSec Key, which are required for opening Black HiSec Cases. It is wise to buy these in bundles and when on sale, not at regular price. A good way to get a chance at free Black HiSec keys is to do daily jobs and get them via a Daily Job Function Box.



  • Black HiSec Keys are practically the #1 most gift-wished items in the game, aside from permanent items.



  1. Combat Arms North America Official Webpage

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