A cap issued during basic training to new recruits.
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Black Cap is the Default head gear given to every player at the start of their account creation. This item does not give any statistic bonuses, and is usually worn by lower ranked players because it is free.

Being black, the cap is somewhat useful to use this headwear to not expose much of the head if the environment is darker than usual. Compared to other caps found in-game, this one is unusually box-shaped.

As of the 03/31/10 patch, new permanent cosmetic variants of the Black Cap have been added to the game. These variants require a certain rank to be distributed to one's Inbox. The variants are the Professional Cap available at Sergeant First Class/I, Veteran Cap available at Second Lieutenant/IV, Elite Cap available at Major/IV, and Champion Cap available at Major General.



  • On the 04/19/10 survey, this cap was listed under the alternate name of "Training Cap".
  • This cap is popular amongst new players.
  • Just like all of the other default gear, the Black Cap can never be discarded.