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The former headgear of Army Rangers, it's still worn with great pride, representing the daring work carried out by special forces units.
  — The Arsenal 


The Black Beret is a Head Gear item that can be bought from the Shop. Wearing this item grants the user a 20% increase to their stamina, allowing them to sprint longer (although also potentially increasing the stamina recharge time). It is commonly used in conjunction with a Light Vest to grant a massive boost so players can take up quick positions earlier in the match. These combinations are often used in Search and Destroy matches to sneak behind enemies or in Capture the Flag matches to rush the enemy flag.

It is a rank-required item, available at Command Sergeant Major/I.



  • Players who use the Black Beret and Light Vest combo are commonly claimed to be speed hacking due to their ability to sprint faster and longer than normal.